A dark alleyway; late fall; Portland, Oregon; Night

(Glancing At Her Phone And Sighing Irritably) Elisa… (Shaking Her Head As She Glances At It Again) You've got to be kidding me.

Elisa: (Coming Into The Light) Oh, so you did decide to show.

Siobhan: Elisa...

Elisa: (Walking Towards Siobhan) Well, it took you long enough.

Siobhan: So… what do you need this time?

Elisa: To say goodbye. This is my last night - I'm sorry for everything.

Siobhan: (Angrily Backing Away Slightly) You think that "sorry" will make up for what you've done, what we've done? We killed our own sister by mistake and then staged a coverup - and it was your recklessness that put us in that position to begin with! Do forgive me if I'm still angry.

Elisa: (Making Up The Space Between Them) It was to protect our family name!

Siobhan: (Looking At Her Sister Sharply) Is the family name all you care about? Tassini. In the end, it's just a name

Elisa: (Moving Towards Her Sister As They Sidestep Each Other) What about the company and its legacy? Tassini Investigations is one of the largest PI Service Providers in the country!

Siobhan: (Bluntly) At this point, I'd rather the company crash and burn if it meant we could put all of this in the past.

Elisa: (Shouting) So maybe I'm just protecting myself!

Siobhan: (Shouting Back) All you are doing is shifting the blame to an innocent and being a coward!

Elisa: Well, at least for you, after tonight you won't have to worry about me or any of this again. You can have your pitiful life back.

Siobhan: (Muttering) And to add to cowardice, you're going to kill yourself? (Directly To Elisa - Dry) Quite the role model you are.

Elisa: It's for the greater good!. Unlike you, I'm strong enough to do what has to be done!

Siobhan: You act as if you've got any idea what you're talking about. If you were strong, you'd face what you've done. As for "the greater good", well what do you know about good? I may get paid by the highest bidder to lie and manipulate people, but even I know what you are saying isn't good.

Elisa: My apologies, Agent Tassini, but weren't you involved in our sister's murder/assassination or whatever you want to call it as well?

Siobhan: (Emotionless) We shouldn't have formed the coven in the first place and, honestly, I've turned my life around since then.

Elisa: (Smirking) But you haven't moved on. If you had, you wouldn't have agreed to meet me.

Siobhan: (Sidestepping Her Sister) I was hoping you had changed. But clearly you're still messing around with things no one, much less you, shouldn't be messing with!

Elisa: (Half-Panicked - Pleading) They have leverage!

Siobhan: (Turning Around And Leaning On Her Left Hip) They are the reason Laurel is dead!

Elisa: Why do you think I have to do this?

Siobhan: You don't have to do this, and you're choosing to because you're weak!

Elisa: I'm not weak! (Pulls Out A Fast-Acting Poison And Pours It Into Her Water, Then Takes The Drink)

Siobhan: (Walking Away, But Glancing Back) If that were true, then you wouldn't be doing this.

Elisa: (Slurring Her Speech As She Fazes Out) What are you talking about?

Siobhan: (Moving Slightly Back Towards Her Sister) I may be a terrible person, I may ruin lives… but you're worse, aren't you?

I'm not...we...weak. (Dies)

(Sighing Irritably As She Calls This In) Yes, hello? I'd like to report a death - class suicide - in the Portland area. Yes, I can hold….