I can feel my muscles start to loosen up under the strong, steady stream of hot water spraying down on me. I run my fingers through my wet hair and let the steam surrounding the shower relax me. I exhale contentedly.

There's a knock on the bathroom door and I immediately tense up and roll my eyes in annoyance. I literally just got in the shower and someone is already bothering me? I ignore whoever it is and turn the water temperature up slightly, the mild sting feeling even more pleasant than before.

I hear another knock and a muffled voice on the other side of the door.

Sighing with agitation, I grab the shower curtain and pull it aside before yelling, "Fuck off!"

There's only two people it could possibly be on the other side, but I have a nagging feeling I know exactly who it is. I hear more muffled speech and it sounds like he's saying my name.

"I can't hear you and I'm in the shower," I say. "Clearly."

I pull the curtain closed again to block out the cold air that began to sneak in. Just as I begin to wonder if I remembered to lock the bathroom door, I hear the knob twist. I close my eyes and clench my jaw. How could I fucking forget something so important when I have one of the most annoying housemates to ever exist?

"Uh, James," his voice calls out timidly. I whip the curtain open and peek my head out, glaring.

"What the fuck? What do you want?"

"I'm really sorry, really, but I forgot I had important plans tonight and I need to shower really bad."

I pull my thick brows together and reply, "Great, you can shower when I'm done. Now get the fuck out."

"B-but, the thing is, I need to leave like really soon or I won't make it in time," the younger man explains, expression nervous but determined. He's standing half in the bathroom, eyes pleading, and I've really had enough of this kid's shit.

"Well maybe you shouldn't have forgotten about such important plans, yeah?" I say before giving him a tight-lipped, looks like you're shit out of luck expression and closing the curtain again. "If you actually think I'm about to get out of the shower right now you're more of an idiot than I thought."

There's a short silence and then I hear the door close. I sigh in relief and go back to enjoying my steamy shower.

My joy is extremely short-lived, however. A rush of cold air hits my body and my eyes snap open to see Parker standing there, one bare leg stretching into the shower. My hands shoot down to cover my junk and I stare, bewildered. This kid has some fucking guts apparently, because he climbs right in.

"What the fuck?!"

"I'm sorry, I have no other choice!" he exclaims, cheeks flushed pink and expression somehow sheepish. "I'll be quick, I promise."

At this point I've backed away toward the other side of the shower where the water barely reaches and it's cold. Parker steps into the stream and hisses, pulling away from it.

"Jesus, the water's fucking scorching!"

I scoff and grab his skinny arm with one hand, the other still cradling my dick and balls and pull him away from the water, switching places so I can be warm again.

"Good," I say. "You can fucking stay over there. And don't look at me."

"Okay," he agrees, probably surprised I didn't punch him for this stunt. "Could you pass me the shampoo?"

I glare at him some more and shortly ask, "Which one?"

"The blue bottle, right there," he points. I look over and my brows raise.

"This one?" I ask, and he nods with a polite smile. My jaw clenches. "This is my shampoo."

His eyes widen and he begins stuttering, trying to backtrack. "Oh, uh, no, I meant that other one, it's actually white I guess, I'm not—"

"You've been using my shampoo?"

He just stares back, doe-eyed and tense. Without removing my glare, I grab my bottle of shampoo, squeeze some in my hand, and then thrust it against his chest for him to grab. He takes it and visibly relaxes, giving me a dumb smile before putting some in his hand and reaching up to his damp, orange hair. Not natural orange, mind you. Bright, artificial orange. He fucking changes his hair color at least once a month. I make sure to tell him how stupid it looks every time he does.

I let out a sigh and turn my back to him as I massage the shampoo into my dark brown hair. When I've covered my whole head, I turn back around and lean my head back under the shower head, rinsing out the scented bubbles. I try not to think about the fact that my entire package is on display for him and just tell myself it's like being in the locker room in high school after a game. The only problem is I swear I can feel his eyes on me. I know it should probably bother me but for some reason I feel sort of a smug satisfaction from it. I know I'm in good shape and I know I look good naked. His admiration makes me feel superior.

However, when I open my eyes and see him fucking gazing at my body, I feel a little weird. And then I glance down and goosebumps somehow spread across my skin even under the scorching hot water. That little fucker is sporting half a chub.

Instinctually, I reach out and shove him against the shower wall. It completely throws him off because I don't think he even realized I had opened my eyes and he almost falls but catches himself at the last minute.

"Fucking pervert," I curse, my dark eyes pinning him in place. By now his cheeks are deeply flushed and his mouth hangs open, ready to spew excuses.

"Oh, fuck, no—man, I swear," he gushes, one hand held out in front of him to separate us in case I decide to hit him, which I probably should. His other hand is covering his half hard cock. My heart rate picks up a bit from adrenaline. "It's not you, I swear to god, I always get hard in the shower, I don't even know why, and fucking hell I probably should have thought of that before getting in here, please, please don't—"

"Just shut the fuck up, Parker," I interrupt harshly. I turn my back to him again and take a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself down. I know I should kick him out of the shower, hell, I should really just kick his ass. But for some reason, that sense of smugness is still lingering. It's almost like I like the idea of him getting hard from just looking at me. It's a very strange concept, but if my slightly growing cock is any indication, I'd say yeah, I definitely like it.

A ton of mixed feelings are swirling inside me, some fear and confusion, but mostly there's excitement. I close my eyes and can see Parker's flushed, lithe body, his cock becoming slightly fat because of me and his pink lips wet and hanging open. I grow harder at the image and realize there are only a few ways out of this situation.

I take a final deep breath and reach for my body wash, squeezing it into my hand and then rubbing circles across my chest with both hands. I slowly turn back around, continuing in circular motions across my body, leaving bubbles across my smooth, wet skin. My hands feel good sliding over my lower stomach and my breathing becomes a bit quicker. I finally open my eyes slightly and let my gaze fall on Parker, his cheeks pink and breathing heavy as he watches me. I bite down on my lip and move my hands lower, putting on a show for him.

"I guess I get hard in the shower, too," I say as my fist wraps around my almost fully erect cock, the other hand sliding down and cradling my balls. I begin stroking myself, my hooded eyes eating up the image in front of me. Parker is rock hard, the soft pink tip of his cock glistening. I begin stroking myself as the orange haired boy stares, seemingly frozen in place. After a minute or so I take a step forward. I'm about half a foot taller than him so it just adds to my feeling of superiority.

As I approach him he finally meets my gaze, his green eyes almost completely dilated and flicking back and forth between my eyes and my mouth. I smirk at him and lean close, bringing my lips so close to his ear they may actually graze it. I feel a shaky breath fall on my shoulder.

"You sure it wasn't from me, Parker?"

He exhales sharply again and drops his forehead down on my bare shoulder. I'm not sure if his eyes are closed or if he's watching me stroke my cock, but either way I know I'm driving him crazy and it makes my dick twitch in my grip.

"James…" he says breathlessly. I pull away and grab him, spinning his body around and pressing him up against the shower wall, moving right up behind him. He moans and repeats, "J-James."

I see him reach for his swollen cock and I grab his wrist, pulling it up and pressing it against the wall, holding it there under my hand, telling him, "No."

He whines, his pink cheek pressed against the cool wall and chest heaving. With my other hand, I dig my fingers into his bony hip, holding him in place before leaning forward and letting my slick cock glide up the crack of his ass. He releases a shaky, whining breath and pushes back enthusiastically. I drop my forehead against the back of his neck and we fall into a rhythm, fucking against his ass while he meets the pressure eagerly. He's making all these little moans and noises and it's really fucking hot. His free hand reaches back and grabs the side of my upper thigh, his grip strong and urgent.

I let out a choked moan and feel my cock twitch at his touch. I won't last much longer, I already know. I imagine turning the smaller boy around and pushing him to his knees, fucking his pretty pink mouth and cumming down his throat. He'd fucking love it as much as I would.

At this thought, my movements stutter and stomach tightens and I squeeze my eyes shut as my hot cum shoots onto Parker's back, dripping down and leaving trails over his pale, plump ass. Parker lets out a whimper and jerks forward. I open my eyes to see him cum all over the shower wall and then crumble against it.

A smirk overcomes my lips. This fucker just came untouched. Because of me. He looks absolutely wrecked. Before moving away, I lean forward and ghost my lips next to his ear again.

"That's what I thought."

With that, I move away from him, rinse my body off, and climb out of the shower. I only dry myself briefly before wrapping my towel around my waist and leaving the bathroom without another word. My body is still flowing with excitement over the event that just occurred. I can't believe I just made Parker cum - Parker, my scrawny, annoying housemate who I love to hate.

Although, now I'm starting to question how much I really hate him.