The bright glare from the tv is almost hurting my eyes but I continue to stare at it. I could probably move a little further away to spare my eyesight, but where's the fun in that when you're about to beat a level you've been stuck on for two entire nights?

I'm clutching the controller tightly as I fight the main boss of this part of the game. He's so close to dying that I can almost see the image of victory flash across the screen already. I go in for my final attack when suddenly they're breathing fire right at me and I burn to a crisp. YOU DIED flashes in front of my face and anger bubbles up inside me. Before I can really react, my phone screen lights up and catches my eye. I sigh deeply and slouch back into my gaming chair as I answer the phone call.

"Hey," I greet, my voice sounding dejected as I play with the hem of my dirty sleeping shirt.

"Parky!" my best friend, Vanessa chirps into my ear, her voice much louder than necessary.

"Please don't call me that," I say for the hundredth time.

She only giggles before continuing, "Are you on your way yet?"

"On my way to what?" I ask, my brows coming together, clearly forgetting something.

"Are you serious, Parker?" she hisses. "It's Sara's party you dumbass! She's been talking about you all day, you need to come."

"Oh, shit," I moan, grimacing.

"You seriously forgot?" she whisper-yells, presumably so that Sara won't hear.

"Uhh, no, no, I didn't forget," I insist. I completely fucking forgot.

"Well, we're doing her cake soon so you need to get your ass over here! Please don't make her cry on her birthday."

"Jeez, way to put the pressure on me, Ness!" I say, standing from my seat and tossing my controller on the bed. I pinch my shirt between my fingers and take a quick sniff. Ugh. Not good. "She really likes me that much?"

"Uh, yeah," she replies like I'm an idiot. I sigh with agitation and begin heading for the bathroom. Vanessa's new friend Sara has apparently been really crushing on me, so naturally Ness is trying to set us up. In case you were wondering, no, I don't really get a say in it. But Sara is a cute enough girl and I could certainly use the distraction so it's not the worst thing that could happen. "When will you be here?"

"I just need to shower real quick and then I'll be right over," I say, hoping she doesn't yell at me. "Thirty minutes, tops."

She sighs loudly and says, "Fine. Hurry. See you soon."

She hangs up before I can respond and I shake my head at myself, feeling like an asshole. My mood darkens even more as I approach the only bathroom door of our three bedroom apartment, which is closed. My last shred of hope that maybe someone's just taking a piss is lost when I hear the shower going behind the door. With my luck, it's probably James.

I sniff my armpit again and bring a hand to my hair to feel the grease level. Both actions confirm the inevitable; I need to take a fucking shower. I heave a deep breath and then knock quickly on the door. After a minute with no response, I knock again and call out, "Uh, hey, James? Is that you?"

"Fuck off!" I hear loud and clear, confirming that it is, in fact, my lovely housemate, James. We get along great, if you couldn't tell already.

I muster all my courage and try again, "James? Listen, I'm really sorry, but—"

"I can't hear you and I'm in the shower. Clearly."

I let out a defeated sigh and try to think of another option. I can't go to this party without showering, I've been locked in my room all day playing video games and I'm fucking gross. But I also don't want to upset everyone by showing up late. I take a deep breath and try the door handle. When it actually turns I feel victorious. I can't believe he forgot to lock the door.

I peek my head into the steamy bathroom, ignoring my instincts which are telling me get the fuck out, he's going to kill you and repeat, "Uh, James."

He whips the shower curtain open aggressively and pokes his head out, absolutely glaring at me. His dark hair is dripping and messy on his head and I probably stare for a second too long before he breaks the silence.

"What the fuck? What do you want?"

"I'm really sorry, really, but I forgot I had important plans tonight and I need to shower really bad," I explain, and the more I talk the more ridiculous I realize the situation is. There's no way James will make this easy for me.

He pulls his brows together, still glaring, and says, "Great, you can shower when I'm done. Now get the fuck out."

Before he can go back behind the curtain I rush out, "B-but, the thing is, I need to leave like really soon or I won't make it in time."

"Well maybe you shouldn't have forgotten about such important plans, yeah?" he says, giving me a look before disappearing behind the curtain. "If you actually think I'm about to get out of the shower right now you're more of an idiot than I thought."

I sigh, knowing it would be useless to argue. Instead, I make a quick decision and close the bathroom door before pulling my shirt off and stepping out of my boxer briefs. I reassure myself that this is the only way to make this night go smoothly and approach the shower, grabbing the curtain and pulling it open so I can climb in. I tell myself I won't even look at James the whole time, just clean myself and go.

I guess I didn't realize how difficult that would be.

Before I'm even fully in the shower, James is shouting, "What the fuck?!"

"I'm sorry, I have no other choice!" I exclaim, already feeling myself blush and making sure to only look at his face. I'm pretty sure he's blocking his dick anyways. Not that I would look if he wasn't. "I'll be quick, I promise."

James steps back to the other side of the shower, basically as far away from me as he can get, so I take this moment to get in the shower completely and pull the curtain closed behind me, making it official. I step under the stream of water and my skin screams. I gasp and jump away, saying, "Jesus, the water's fucking scorching!"

Before I know it, James grabs my arm and pulls me roughly to the other side of the shower so that he can move back under the water. I don't know how he can stand there without his skin melting off. It explains why his chest is so flushed pink, though. And, oh shit, I'm looking. I close my eyes before returning my gaze to his face, which is still glaring.

"Good," he says. "You can fucking stay over there. And don't look at me."

"Okay," I agree immediately, shocked that he's actually allowing me to stay. I thought for sure he'd hit me or something. Honestly I thought the best case scenario was that I'd freak him out and he'd leave so I could shower by myself. Now I'm starting to think this might be even better. I wish I could enjoy it but I quickly remember that I'm in a rush and need to clean myself. "Could you pass me the shampoo?"

He looks at me with heated eyes which I've become very familiar to and asks, "Which one?"

"The blue bottle, right there," I reply, pointing to the one I always use.

He looks at it and raises his brows, asking, "This one?" I nod, appreciating that he's actually being civil about this and thinking my night will actually work out. I see the bones in his jaw flex, which I know tends to happen when he's angry. "This is my shampoo."

My stomach drops. There I go, making him mad again.

"Oh, uh, no, I meant that other one, it's actually white I guess, I'm not—"

"You've been using my shampoo?" he cuts me off, his glare never faltering. I'm at a loss for words. I watch as he grabs the bottle and squeezes some in his hand before pressing the bottle into my chest. I quickly grab it and shoot him a small smile, which he ignores. I waste no time and start washing my hair as James turns his back to me. When his dark eyes aren't on me it makes it a lot harder to keep my eyes off him. This way he doesn't know I'm looking, and what's the harm in that?

My eyes drag up and down his body. He's well built, a former football star with that healthy, athletic build. I watch the muscles in his arms and back move fluidly under his smooth skin as he washes his hair. It's mesmerizing and I really want to touch him, just to feel the muscles move, to feel exactly how smooth his skin is. My gaze drops down to his ass and thick, muscular thighs and my breath catches in my throat. I've always appreciated James' body when it's covered by his clothes, but I've never gotten to see it like this. All bare and vulnerable and wet. My breathing picks up.

I look away quickly when James begins turning around, but when I glance back up I see that his eyes are closed, and I waste no time eating up the sight before me. He's leaning back under the shower head, his taut stomach stretched and arms and chest flexing as he rinses his dark, silky hair. My eyes don't stop moving, not wanting to miss a thing. I take in his sharp jawline, a slight dark stubble spread across it, and his thick neck leading down to his wide shoulders. Next thing I know I'm following the trail of dark hair under his belly button and his cock is just right there, right in front of me. My stomach clenches and tightens and I feel my eyes glaze over. My arms finally just fall from my head where I was washing my hair and hang by my sides. Without warning, my mind makes me think about how much I'd like to press my face into his crotch, taste him and make him hard, bite his thick thighs.

I think I'm just about to moan involuntarily when suddenly I'm flying backwards, my shoulder blades crashing against the shower wall and feet slipping out from under me. I somehow catch myself using the bar and pull myself back up, my eyes wide and staring at James' face.

"Fucking pervert," he spits, staring at me harshly. I'm fucking burning up and terrified and almost one hundred percent sure I'm about to get beat the fuck up. Deservingly…I mean, he told me not to look at him and I did and got a fucking boner, which I'm now covering and protecting with my life.

"Oh, fuck, no—man, I swear," the words fall out of my mouth and I don't even know where they're going but I just really don't want him to think I'm some gross freak and I really don't want him to hit me, so I keep talking. "It's not you, I swear to god, I always get hard in the shower, I don't even know why, and fucking hell I probably should have thought of that before getting in here, please, please don't—"

"Just shut the fuck up, Parker."

With that, he turns back around and I stand there, my heart pounding and cock slowly going back down. I can't believe he's just letting that go. Hell, I'd probably punch me if I were him. Shampoo is dripping down my face and back but there's no way I'm moving closer to him to rinse it off. I should probably just get out of the shower and rinse off in the sink or something. I'm actually just about to do that when James starts turning around again. I don't even look anywhere in his direction, my eyes moving to the floor and the walls and basically anywhere that isn't him.

But then I get a little curious, because he's just standing there facing me again, his cock on display and when I spare a glance over I can't believe my eyes.

James is hard. Harder than I had even been. James is hard and he's fucking massaging himself with his body wash. I can't breathe. I can tell that he's getting all worked up, his breathing quickened and teeth biting at his plump lower lip. My cock twitches back to attention almost immediately.

"I guess I get hard in the shower, too," James says, his voice low. The sound of it vaguely makes me feel like I might pass out. Then it happens — it really happens. James begins stroking his cock, right there in front of me. I watch his fist move up and down his shaft and his stomach muscles twitch and his bright pink tip appearing and disappearing as he jerks himself off. My throat goes dry and I swallow harshly. I have no idea what to do or why this is happening but I really, really don't want it to stop. It's like all my wet dreams and fantasies coming to life.

When James takes a step toward me, the shower suddenly feels a lot smaller than it did before. And James seems a lot taller. It feels like he's towering over me and he's all I can see or think about. It isn't until now that I finally meet his gaze and he's so close that I can see every detail on his beautiful fucking face. I try swallowing again, try to think of something to say, anything, but then he's leaning even closer and his wet lips brush against my ear. I let out a shaky breath as my cock twitches with need.

"You sure it wasn't from me, Parker?" he purrs and I swear I almost lose it then and there. I drop my forehead onto his strong shoulder and squeeze my eyes shut, focusing on not cumming all over him and also staying conscious.

"James…" I breathe, my head swirling, overwhelmed. Then his hands are on me and he's turning me around. My chest is pressed against the cold wall of the shower and my burning hot cheek quickly follows it. I let out a quiet whimper and continue breathing heavily. I can't take it anymore, repeating his name desperately as I reach for my throbbing cock, needing to be touched. His large hand curls around my wrist and pulls my hand away, pressing it up against the wall as well.

"No," he says sternly, just the sound of his voice making my cock twitch again. I whine louder this time, needing some kind of release. James' other hand closes around my hip, holding me in place and then I feel his cock gliding against me. I feel like crying it's so good. I press back, needing more. I feel James drop his forehead between my shoulders and then begins fucking up against my ass, his thick cock sliding between my cheeks and making me leak precum. I'm a mess, moaning and whimpering, my body on fire. I feel like I'm going to explode so I'll probably be cumming soon, which is mildly embarrassing.

I reach back and grab James' thigh desperately, digging my fingertips into his skin. He finally makes a noise other than speaking or heavy breathing and it's probably the hottest thing I've ever heard; a loud, desperate moan. He grinds against me a few more times before his movements become messy and I feel a hot splash of cum on my lower back and ass. It's too much to bare and my body shakes as I cum hard, my load spewing all over the shower wall. My bones feel weak and I crumble against the wall, still tingling all over.

I feel James' body move closer to me again, hot to the touch, and then his lips are back on my ear.

"That's what I thought."

I whimper against the wall and then he's gone. I stay there in a daze until I feel the hot water that James had been blocking hit my legs. I glance over and the shower is empty. What I wanted all along, right?

Eventually I pick myself up from against the wall and walk under the stream, rinsing James' cum off my ass and the shampoo out of my hair. My breathing is finally starting to return to normal as I turn the shower off and step out. My mind is quiet as I dry myself off, presumably in shock. It isn't until I see my phone on the sink counter flashing with notifications that reality comes rushing back to me.

I really don't think I'm gonna make it to that party.