The bridge of my nose,

and my cheeks

burn from the left over sun.

My eyes are weary from,

the salt water,

and my muscles are exhausted

from running, surfing, laughing,

and playing in the sand.

The wind gushes outside,

and a door bangs close.

My brother sitting,

watching some show.

While I'm tired,

and the sunburn

on my back hurts against

the light summer shirt,

I am happy.

I have a headache,

no inspiration to write,

and yet, I am happy.

For the sunburn,

and aching feeling,

was caused of

laughter, joking around,

and enjoying life.

Now don't get me wrong,

Family can be a pain,

and their existence

sometimes feels like a

never ending sunburn,

or tiresome eyes,

yet you know,

that aching sunburn

was caused by laughter,

and some of the

purest form of enjoyment.

Even though I have a

sunburn on my cheeks,

and on the bridge of my nose,

I am happy.