So this short story introduces two new characters, Tonik and James. I looked back at the story and now that I looked at it it seems a little bit awkward of a story. Sorry, when I was making this short, my brain was operating on a potato battery. OK, that's all for now, you can read.

Timothy, Grace and Jordan were sitting on the hill next to Peach Lake. It was a beautiful scene, the sun was setting and the sky a warm haze, glimmering over the lake's surface. They had went to the lake that evening to check out the view and get a picture of it to keep in an album Grace was putting together.

"You guys ready for the shot?" Grace asked.

"You bet," Jordan replied.

"Let's do this while it still looks nice," Timothy said. Grace got up and pulled out her camera. It was a high quality camera, and with the added resolution she could get from her computer, this was going to be a stunning shot.

"Alright, get into position," She ordered. Timothy and Jordan walked to the edge of the hill and faced Grace so that their backs would be to the lake.

"3...2...1…*SNAP*" Grace whispered before taking the photo. She was admiring the photo before a loud crack was heard. The group looked to the lake and saw a bright light flash over the lake before disappearing, leaving two figures falling toward the lake.

"That doesn't look good," Jordan said.

"I'm gonna help them," Timothy added, sliding down the hill, soon followed by Grace and Jordan. By this point, the two strange figures had already fallen in the lake, but Timothy assumed they would require help to get to land. That lake was pretty deep, someone could drown in there.

He had just reached the side of the lake before a large shape emerged from the water, making him jump back several feet. The figure looked like...a robot? It had a similar body structure to a human in that it had 2 arms and legs, as well as a head but similarities ended there. It had blue metal as the outer shell of its body, and it's left arm was replaced with a nozzle, similar to the ones on the ends of spray bottles.

The robot shuddered, seeming to imitate inhaling and exhaling before diving back into the water, causing a huge splash of water to rise up and soak whatever was nearby. Timothy and Jordan were in the splash radius, Grace too but she managed to avoid getting hit by water by diving behind the boys for cover.

"What in the world…" Grace murmured, perplexed by the entire situation. Not too long after the robot went into the lake, it re-emerged, carrying a teenage boy not much older than Timothy. The boy had dark brown hair and equally brown eyes, and seemed to be the about a inch taller than Timothy. He wore a leather jacket with a white undershirt and light jeans.

"Make way," the robot grunted as it walked. It walked several feet from the water before setting the boy to the ground. The kid layed there, motionless.

"Uh, forgive me for asking but, who are you?" Jordan asked.

"Oh, uh I suppose I could tell you," The robot said, turning the attention away from the unconscious boy to the gang. "I'm Tonik, v2.1 robot type II in class of James's inventions. The unconscious doofus you see here is James, my creator."

"So he's your master?" Grace asked. Tonik looked a little hurt when she said this and had replied.

"Well, yes and no. As creator, he is assigned master control of my overall systems and operating computer; he's given full access to edit me, top to bottom. However, I am given free reign to do what I please. I could leave him whenever I wanted to, but I stick with him because he's my best friend and, in a sense, my only family."


"Yeah. My turn, who are you kids?" Tonik asked, turning back to James to help him regain consciousness.

"I'm Timothy, this is Grace and this is Jordan," Timothy explained. "Best buds since 2006."

"That's pretty sweet that you dudes are childhood friends, known each other that long and all."

Tonik raised his left arm and dispensed a spray of greenish gas over James. Not long after, the boy woke up with a jump.

"Gah! What happened?" James shouted, looking around wildly.

"Relax man, we're okay. These kids came along to check up on us."

"Oh… okay. S-so uh, who are you dudes?"

Timothy told James their names, going back through that process.

"Well, thanks Tim for checking on us and all that. I got something here for you, let me see," James murmured, rummaging through his pocket. "Ah, here it is."

James pulled out a light leather wallet and grabbed a 20 dollar bill from it, still dry.

"I can't take your money," Timothy said.

"Ah, the humble bumble. Okay, Mr. I-won't-take-your-money, we'll be that way," James replied, putting the dollar back into his wallet.

James pulled another item from his wallet, a plastic card with a phone number printed upon it.

"You're just gonna give this to me? We just met."

"I know, I know, but I can tell you're a good guy. Tell you what, if you need help with anything, and I mean ANYTHING, just ring up that phone number and boom, we'll be there."

"Huh, well thanks. See you around?"

"Yeah, check ya later."

James put his wallet back into his pocket and looked to Tonik.

"Let's get back home, eh?"

"Gotcha, intitating teleport sequence."

A loud beep was heard, making the kids cover their ears to prevent damage. James waved to the kids before a bright light covered the surroundings. After the two had left, Grace had turned to the guys and shrugged.

"Well that was... strange. But hey, at least we got this stunning shot. Let's take a selfie to commemorate the moment!" Grace said, pulling in Jordan and Timothy close and turning the camera towards them, snapping a photo. She looked at the photo and smiled.


Again, weird story to introduce characters, sorry. Chances are more bad stories are to come. OK, I'mma go sleep now, so have fun. Peace.