"And then I said, 'Of course I won't wait 'til the last minute to do it," Blake said as he walked with his guy friends down the school hallway. They all laughed and slapped each other on the shoulders. Blake was great at telling stories, and his friends all loved him. Their English teacher had just let them out of class after learning about some boring story involving Jules and Romy or something. They only had one period left, and then they could go home in peace.

Blake saw his friend Elizabeth coming out of her class, and excused himself from his joking friends to say hi to her. Blake and Elizabeth had been friends for months now, and were slowly getting into the best friend zone. Elizabeth was a red-headed chick with her long hair coming down to her waist. Her hair really was beautiful, and her freckled face shone like a million stars glowing in the midnight sky. Her blue dress was a little tight on her, and it suited her really well to the—

He stopped himself and thought, What am I talking about? He had never thought of her like this before. Blake had always considered Elizabeth equal to his guy friends, so why was he thinking about her in such a descriptive way? Her looks had not mattered to him before, and he was very astounded at this new thinking. How could this be?

She noticed him, and his heart fluttered like a drummer boy at a call to arms. She was so beautiful, he thought to himself. Blake rummaged his hands through his slick hair and tried to act casual as he walked over to her. He acted like he had not felt such feelings for her as his heart thumped with every step he took toward her.

Elizabeth flashed a dazzling smile at him (I've never noticed how white her teeth were, he thought) and said, "How's it going, Blake?" Blake was not about to say that he was feeling very nervous talking to her and that he felt maybe they should get together and other weird thoughts, so he said, "I'm good." Elizabeth looked at Blake's face and giggled, "Why are you blushing?" And at that point Blake couldn't stand talking to her with his embarrassed persona, so he high-tailed it to his next class, Psychology.

In class, he paid zero attention to the teacher and thought of Elizabeth all period. He pondered why he was feeling such weird feelings for her. It was almost…romantic. Blake found himself wishing he could whisper in her ear and call her "Lizzie", that he could put an arm around her, and that he could blow kisses in her way. He shook his head, but these thoughts remained. He knew he had to act on these thoughts, given that they must be somewhat important. He even reassured himself, I mean, c'mon it's love, right? Her beauty shone in his eyes and Blake couldn't wait for class to end.

It ended, and he ran out of the class to meet her and confess his love. When he got close to her classroom, he saw her talking to Keith. He was a friend of hers and an acquaintance of his. They were talking and laughing together. Blake thought to himself, They must be together with the way they're laughing. I'd never have a chance with a funny guy like that. He sighed to himself and hid his love from her. But he was jealous.

A week or two passed and Blake met up with Elizabeth a couple of times. They had fun times and Blake still felt these urgings that said things subconsciously like she's so beautiful and stuff. He dismissed these thoughts though, and enjoyed hanging with her. His feelings for her soon were down to a minimum. His jealousy over Keith was soon dissipated and they talked every so often and they were cool.

Not long after he lost his supposed love for Elizabeth, there came a point when he was walking in the hallway with his guy friends. They had been talking about basketball, and they were all telling their stupid sport nicknames like "The Criminal", "The Athlete", and "The Brain". There were fun stories behind those nicknames but Blake saw one of his best friends, Caroline. He waved his friends goodbye and walked toward her.

Caroline was a brunette with a dyed red streak through her hair. She had cut her hair short and had pretty bangs that covered up the entirety of her forehead. Her skirt was knee-length and flowed around her legs as if she was a graceful little princess. She had on a diamond necklace and French back golden earrings. Her shirt was plain white, which contrasted with the red and black striped overalls that was hooked onto the belt of her skirt. The weird combination of a belt and a skirt made Caroline look fascinating and ripe as a dime.

What am I even talking about? Blake asked himself. Caroline was another best female friend of his. There's no way he would care so much about her beauty. He examined his thoughts and knew that these were the same kind of thoughts he had been thinking about Elizabeth. If so, he reasoned, then he would have to confess his love for her (because this was apparently what was fueling these thoughts). He began fantasizing about what he and Caroline would do later that weekend. Maybe they would lay by the beach under one umbrella, pretending to apply lotion to their skin when in reality they're just admiring each other. Maybe they would go to a fancy restaurant and order one root beer float to share between each other. The thought of them both slurping an ice cream dessert made Blake feel—

"Hi, Blake" said the elegant Caroline. Blake had been so caught up in his own thoughts that Caroline had walked over him and greeted him. Blake gasped in surprise and rearranged his shirt so it looked nice and spluttered, "Hello, my good friend." Caroline cocked her head at him in confusion. Blake grimaced and explained, "Uh, yes, you're just a good friend. A best friend. Nothing but a friend. I mean, I'm definitely not in love with you or anything. Not me, no. Just a regular guy who likes being friendly, doing friend things, and um. Friend."

Caroline was amused (though confused) and asked, "Is there anything you'd like to talk about, Blake?" Blake noticed he had started to nervously sweat and said, "Nope, nothing, I'm just doing alright, friend. You're so pretty. Um…" He then left to go to his class before realizing as he turned the corner that it was time for lunch, not class. Caroline was left standing with a raised eyebrow and an "Ooookay then."

He sat at lunch with his friend Elizabeth and the guys. They were already having a conversation and he decided to not join them so he could ponder on his thoughts. His thoughts were centered around Caroline's figure and the stupid conversation he had just had. He could not see how his love for her and his love he had had for Elizabeth were any different. What was wrong with him? He could not find an answer and decided to wait and see if his weird romantic love for Caroline would disappear like it did with Elizabeth (who was still looking fine, by the way).

After a week or two, his love for Caroline began to fall like he predicted it would. He wanted to apologize for the awkward conversation he had with her, but he let it go after he realized he wasn't about to apologize for calling her pretty. They talked and hung out over the weekend. They actually drove to a bowling alley for fun, which was not the romantic outing Blake had envisioned. But it was still fun, and his romance eventually fell to a low with her. They were the best of friends.

A day not long after this, he was walking down the hall with his guy friends who were talking about how two chicks of theirs had joined the team and got the names "The Princess" and "The Basketcase". They also talked of the upcoming dance party that would be held at school later that evening. At the last party, Blake and his guy friends had gotten kicked out for disciplinary reasons that included "existing" as one of the reasons.

Blake saw one of his best friends, Michelle, coming out of her class. He said sayonara to his guy friends and left to go join her. They were both in the debate club and had gotten along like peas in a pod. They were so tight that they could finish each other's sentences before the other had even began their sentence. Their interests were the same, and they loved to argue with each other for fun.

He looked at Michelle and noticed her long curly brown hair was covering up a neon green T-shirt that "Look out, wenches". Her skinny jeans were rolled up to the knee so that they exposed her long crazy fuzzy socks that had the logo of Green Day printed on them. Her arms were covered in tattoo sleeves, and her hands had a ring on every finger. She wore hipster glasses and wore no makeup. Her eyes shone green like emeralds in the sea and highlighted the beauty of her tan face. She had a birth mark at the corner of her lips and oh, her lips were—

Blake shook his head. How could he be thinking about another girl friend of his like this? He could not figure it out. Why was he feeling these weird lovey-dovey feelings toward his best girls like this? This was happening toward every feminine friend he had, and they must be fake if he felt the same thing every time. He thought, This makes no sense.

Then it dawned on him. It was because they were girls.

Blake sighed in relief at him having figured it out. He jumped in joy at figuring out these weird thoughts. He was not in love! He pranced to Michelle and hugged her and exclaimed, "You're beautiful!" He left her weirded out and ran to Caroline, and took her in a dance. She laughed as they tangoed down the hallway. She asked, "Why are you doing this, Blake?" He stopped dancing with her and beamed, "You're all so lovely." Blake ran around the corner to Elizabeth's locker and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She chuckled at him in surprise as he burst out, "You are very pretty." He ran down the hallway again and shouted, "My friends are all beautiful!" Blake laughed as everyone stared at him jumping off the walls. He thanked God for allowing girls to exist and began singing fa la la la la…..