Chapter 2

How do I describe Jason Smithe. Well for starters he's a huge dick head with anger issues that threatens people with physical violence if you don't hand him money and, he's not poor if that's what you are thinking he's fucking loaded. He harrases people just for the hell of it.

Weirdly, he targeted me today which he doesn't do often. He often targets Matthew because Matthew almost always has at least 5 dollars. Maybe i'm looking extra rich today I don't know.

"Gimme 10 buck you shitwad."

"Shitwad? You feeling extra creative today Jason?"

"Just give me your fucking money or I'll beat your face in."

"Like your dick?"

By now he's kinda pissed so he just slammed his fist into the locker and walked off. He probably thought that I wasn't worth his time. Thinking that was going to be a mistake later. You'll see.

The remaining day was quite a bore too be honest. The teachers here seem to actually hate the school more than the students. Which to be fair if I had to teach kids for 8 hours or more for minimal pay. started drinking in the middle of class and offred Jessi a rum and coke in which jessi declined.

The only interesting thing today was when a whole flock of birds started to cry out loudly

The day was over and I was walking home with Matthew. He was signing super wildly about his new sculpture and his new molding clay. I had to push down both my hands to tell him to calm down. Despite me signing that, he still went on joyously

We were having a nice walk home until Jason decided to pull up in his lexus.

"This is what you get when you don't follow orders White!"

His goons came out the car and straight up snached me and Matthew.

We drove for like 20 minutes and I'm not certain where we are going. Matthew was looking scared so I signed "we will be alright" It looked bad in the cramped car but he understood just fine.

Finally, we stopped and got out of the car. The first thing I saw was the back of a building I recognised as a bar. To be exact it was called the green flamingo. Jason's dad owns the bar and makes tons of money off of it.

Immediately when I exit the car Jason pinned me against the wall. Kinky, I know right.

"Are you going to at least buy me a drink?"

"Shut it!"

He immediately punched me in the gut and I bent over with pain.

"I'm gonna kick you for every dollar you didn't give me"

He threw me to the ground and started to kick me in the stomach.

one kick, second kick.

"You deserve this bitch!"

Third, fourth.

"Don't you ever insult me!"

Five, six, seven, eight.

"You had it coming"

Nine, ten.

He didn't say a word more. He just spat on me and threw me in the dumpster and drifted away with his friends.

Luckily he didn't do anything to Matthew. Only, left him at the bar. Matthew decided to go in the dumpster to comfort me wich was really thoughtful of him to do. He looked so sad to see me beat up like this and offred that he take me to a hospital but, I keep on signing him that I was fine. We argued about it for about 15 minutes until…

The dumpster burst into a purple fire burning Matthew and me alive. The end.