Emotions. We all have them. There are certain times where we feel things. At that moment, I felt angry, crummy, scared, and sorrowful. "When did you start feeling like this?" you are asking yourself and more importantly, "When will you get better?"

It all started on a hot summer day. All I wanted to do was put on my swim trunks and go to the pool. The water was cold, clear, and perfect for today. Dad was also there getting a tan. I was refreshed and relaxed in the cool of the pool. I felt alive as I swam through my wet sanctuary. Far in the distance, I saw Mom with a worried look on her face. I wondered what was wrong. Whenever she had that look on her face, it meant bad news. My gut told me that this day was going to go downhill.

"Dry yourself and get dressed!" yelled Mom as she speed-walked to me and Dad.
"Why?" I asked in confusion.
"We have to go! James's in the hospital!" cried Mom. I stood there, lost in my thoughts. My mind was racing through the racetrack that was my mind. Soon, my brain was about to go on a collision course, until I came to. I then panicked, rushed for my towel, and rushed back to the house. My heart was pounding to get out. It was ready to sore out of my body and fly to the hospital. Once I got dressed, I put on my shoes, got my phone, PSP, and headed for the car, but the car was gone. Dad told me that seeing how this was hard on me, Mom decided to go alone. He then suggested relaxing in the hot tub would help me.

"How? How did this happen? This can't be! James is always careful! HE CAN'T BE IN THE HOSPITAL!" I thought to myself. I just couldn't believe this. My own big brother was in the hospital. As I tried to relax in the hot tub, all I could think about was how James got hurt, if he's going to die, and how unfair this world was. The more I thought about it, the sadder I got. I then started to cry. I was bawling into tears. It was as if there was a dam holding my tears in, but has been demolished. I felt there was a big chance that he could be on life support or dead, but I still had hope. I prayed to God to keep James well. I didn't care if he was in crutches or in a wheel chair, I just wanted him to be well.

"You okay?" asked Dad as he entered the hot tub.
"Is he going to be alright?" I cried
"I'm sure he will be. Mom will be there to help him. Soon, he'll be back home before you know it." said Dad. That was just like him. When I was down, he would always find a way to cheer me up when I was disappointed. Like Mom, Dad was always there when I needed him most. After his little speech, I started to feel a little better, but I didn't say anything. I was still broken by this situation. I wanted to talk, but my mouth didn't open. Dad then told me to go inside, take a shower, get dressed, and watch TV.

"You sure you'll be alright son?" asked Dad.
"Yeah, I'll be fine," I replied. There I was now, sitting on my couch, watching an episode of "That 70's Show", and feeling nothing. I felt like an empty peanut shell. I texted Mom and asked how was James. She texted back that James was fine. Apparently, he was talking to his friends at the game shop when he noticed a little girl in the streets, while a car was speeding ahead. James pushed her out of the way, but he got hit in the process. While the damage wasn't fatal, it did not look good. I felt a lot better now that I know my brother is okay. I actually smiled about the fact that he was still well. I thanked God for not taking him from me.

Three days later, Mom brought James home, and boy was he banged up and in bandages. I was very, very stunned when I saw him. There was a bump on his head, cuts on his arms and legs, and dare I say it, bandages from chest to knee. Though, I was also very excited to see him home, even if he's still was not well enough to hug. For Three weeks, I just kept seeing him sleep and eat in his room all day. I was excited for him to be home, but I couldn't get the courage to actually face him. It made me very upset to see James at this state.

Like Dad said, James was back on his feet, fully recuperated. The little girl and her family were beaming in joy to see James better, and so was I. When my parents weren't around, James was always there to play with me. He was the best brother you could ever have. He would always hang out with me when he wasn't busy with homework for school. We'd have a lot of fun playing with toys and video games. You could say that when I was a boy, James was my first best friend. I then went on to be more careful when I'm outside, but I'm also looking after James. Even though we are miles apart from each other, I still try to keep an eye out for him. After all, brothers have to stick together.