The vision of the fire and Setsuko was still fresh on her mind like a loop that wouldn't stop. Violet closed her eyes trying to gather her thoughts and she felt Felicia's hand on her shoulder.

"Take your time I can see this is bothering you."

Violet nodded as she tried to focus on what she was going to tell them. After a minute she spoke up, "I saw a vision or rather I felt like I lived that moment as Setsuko. I don't know why it happened but I believe that a memory and a powerful one had surfaced while I was sleeping. In it there was a fire but there was more to it, it didn't feel like it was an accidental fire. Setsuko in the vision just announced her marriage to Lord Kenjiro through who I believe was her father."

Tsuki didn't say anything but his eyes betrayed his emotions and Felicia could not believe what she was hearing.

"You mean to tell me Setsuko could had been murdered?" Violet nodded and Felicia had a look of anger on her face. "We must discover the whole truth about this."

Tsuki sighed for he knew what had happened that night for he was there at the scene of the crime and the guilt had been a burden for centuries. "I want you both to know what I am about to say this might be a sensitive subject and I don't want any judgment."

Violet and Felicia both were now interested as they waited for the story to come to light. Violet knew that being judged wasn't a good thing from experience. "I promise I won't judge you."

Felicia nodded. "I promise I won't judge you as well. Now tell us the story if you know what had happened Tsuki."

"I was Kenjiro's guardian deity in the past, he had always been an ambitious man maybe even too ambitious. He had obtained more than any warrior could hope in battle but it wasn't enough for him. He desired wealth and a castle…that's when he laid eyes on Lady Setsuko's family," Tsuki explained. The pain reflected in his eyes even if his expression stayed even. Each girl felt their heart stir for Setsuko but they kept quiet so Tsuki could continue.

"Kenjiro wormed his way into Lady's Setsuko's father's favor and then asked for the hand of his daughter to gain a good position in the royal court…but it turned out he wanted more than that. The wedding was to be a ruse and on their wedding day Kenjiro lead a surprise attack on the castle, killing Sestuko's father and Lady Setsuko so he could seize control. Since that day I vowed to protect Lady Sestuko's spirit and somehow guide her to the afterlife," Tsuki finished.

Violet and Felicia both felt their hearts go out to Setsuko who had heard everything and it felt like a lock had been lifted for she was starting to see flashbacks. At the moment Violet wasn't feeling those emotions since Setsuko somehow had blocked her side or Violet wasn't trying to reach out at the moment for she was too focused on what had Tsuki just told them.

"Wait a minute what do you mean he had been a warrior? So which war did he exactly fight in?" Violet asked. Felicia smiled for she knew her best friend was history buff for that was her major in college.

Tsuki met their gaze. "Lord Kenjiro had served in the army that united Japan the famed battle of Sekigahara under Tokugawa Ieyasu who later became the first emperor of the unified country." Tsuki told her.

Violet's eyes widened. "So greed had killed her because he wanted more than what the emperor had given him?"

Tsuki nodded.

Felicia than spoke up. "If you were Kenjiro's spirit could you had not warn Lady Setsuko on what your master had been planning or did your contract not allow it?" She asked for she wondered if Tsuki would have been able to warn her than would her fate had been changed?

Violet all of the sudden spoke up. "I hate him, I hate Kenjiro for what he had done to me and I will have my revenge." Her expression had turned to anger. Felicia and Tsuki were both shocked at the outburst as Violet felt herself fall backwards. Felicia quickly caught her friend and she realized her best friend was out.

"Violet!" She shook her friend. Tsuki felt something was wrong and it seemed that Felicia wasn't going to get an answer to her question.

Just then, Setsuko's spirit ripped upwards out of Violet's body clutching her head and shrieking. She writhed as if she was in immense pain. It had to be the effect of all the painful memories of her past suddenly bombarding her.

"Get down!" Tsuki yelled, and grabbed Felicia's arm and pulling her and Violet out of the way just as Setsuko sent a wave of fire outwards around herself. As she did, the ghost changed. Her screaming stopped and her expression became eerily focused on something not really there.

"Setsuko?" Felicia's voice trembled. Something was very wrong.

"Everyone will pay for what they did to my family…I will burn this world to the ground the same way they did mine," Setsuko seethed and her eyes became completely black as she suddenly disappeared.

"What's happening?" Felicia demanded as she turned to Tsuki. He wore a grim expression.

"Setsuko's spirit has become vengeful and lost its way, you and Violet must help her. I beg you," Tsuki pleaded and Felicia knew it had taken a lot for him to say it. There was no way she could refuse, after all Setsuko was their friend too and she and Violet would do whatever they could to save her.

"Of course we'll help her, but how?" Felicia asked. Tsuki took Violet's lifeless body from her.

"I will explain my plan after we get Violet somewhere safe, I'm afraid Setsuko stole a large amount of energy from her in order to manifest like that and she will need to rest," Tsuki explained. Felicia nodded and the two of them took Violet back to the inn for the time being.

Once they arrived at the inn, Felicia threw open the door that had separated their sleeping area from the outside. Tsuki walked over to a bed that had remained unmade due to Violet and Felicia both rushing out of the inn in a hurry that morning. He laid her down and he turned to her.

"Get some water quick." She nodded and grabbed the bowl of water giving it to him wondering what he was doing. He took a nearby cloth and placed it in the water than on her friend's forehead. "She's running a slight fever."

Felicia turned to him. "I will take over if you wish to go after Setsuko."

Tsuki was conflicted he wanted to help both Violet and Setsuko for he had sworn that his mistress will be sent to the afterlife but he felt guilty that the girls had gotten involved in this while they were the innocent ones. He finally made up his mind. "I will stay to help you watch over Violet and once she is recovered and regains her energy than we will find Lady Setsuko."

Felicia nodded. She couldn't help but feel guilty that her involvement with the Ouija board had started the attachment and she recalled her friend being apprehensive of her using it. "I should have listened to her when I brought out the Ouija board none of this would had happened."

Tsuki turned to her and in a gentle voice. "It was not your fault Felicia you summoning her with the board was not the reason she appeared to you two."

Felicia was now wondering what he meant. "You mean you think this was going to happen no matter if I had done the board or not?"

Tsuki nodded. "She had noticed you and especially Violet was because of your spirits and it is possible that Violet herself could be connected through ancestry or possible reincarnation. But not a full reincarnation since Lady Setsuko's spirit remained but a part of it could be in Violet."

Felicia never thought the whole reincarnation theory was possible with her friend sure she had read stories online of people claiming that they had been someone else before they were born in the modern age. "What if it's not reincarnation but just a weird coincidence?" Felicia asked.

"I believe fate knew what it was doing and I believe I was meant to help you both and my mistress to finally put an end to this. If Violet had been Setsuko-sama in that dream or vision whatever you want to refer it as than I will stick by to what I had said." Tsuki told her.

Felicia wasn't sure on what to believe but then Violet began to stir.

"I believe it could be possible." She opened her eyes and her best friend smiled.

"Welcome back I was worried."

Violet smiled a little and turned to Tsuki. "We have to go."

Tsuki shook his head. "No rest, we have time Violet."

Felicia spoke up, "I'm with him you need to rest you didn't sleep last night and I don't want you fainting again." Violet sighed for she knew they were right but deep down she felt like they needed to get to Setsuko before it was too late. She had a real bad feeling and she hoped they weren't too late. She felt herself drift off as she heard a humming sound.

She turned to Tsuki. "That's beautiful what is it?"

Tsuki smiled a little. "An old song from long ago. Rest now and you too Felicia. I will keep watch tonight." Felicia saw the look from her friend and gave in for it had been a trying day from them both.

As the moon shown its face in the sky a melody from another time put the girls into a peaceful sleep as Tsuki watched over them hoping that they will make out of this alive…