It was real early the next morning when Felicia awoke and as she got up she checked on her best friend who had been through a lot the day before. Before she could wake her friend, Tsuki spoke up.

"Her fever is gone and she is still regaining her energy."

Felicia nodded. "I was worried and I'm glad her fever is gone. So what is the plan on dealing with Setsuko?"

Tsuki knew that Setsuko was now free and vengeful as well as his former master Kenjiro. "I don't know if you remember but you girls not only have to deal with my mistress but my former master as well."

Violet had heard the conversation. "I remember since he had made a lasting impression on me."

Felicia turned to her. "Are you sure you are well enough to get out of bed?"

Violet got up and went over to her stuff. "I'm sure and we better get some food and coffee in us because we have to go to the historical district to find Setsuko."

Felicia curious. "How do you know that is where Setsuko will be?"

Violet sighed. "She was inside of me and I remember what she said about revenge. Kenjiro would be there still haunting that area so she will go there to try to get her revenge."

Tsuki had stepped outside giving the girls some privacy. "Violet is right that is where we will find my mistress."

Felicia and Violet got ready than quickly grabbed a quick breakfast along with coffee. Violet than pulled her best friend outside. "Let's go." Tsuki smirked as he watched Felicia yelling at Violet to slow down.

It didn't take too long until the three of them were at the historical district. It didn't seem all that intimidating during the early morning hours but they knew the threat of Kenjiro was lurking around the area somewhere.

"Well we're here so now what?" Felicia asked. They had come all the way here for Tsuki's plan but they still had no idea how they were supposed to stop Setsuko and it didn't seem like she was in the area. Tsuki didn't answer right away. Instead, he seemed to be searching for something, his ears twitched in a direction to the right and he began to walk.

"follow me," he said. The girls followed him among the rubble and soon they came to what used to be Setsuko's family's castle in the middle of the town. "Here is is…it's as I feared, Setsuko has gone back into the past."

"What? How is that possible?" Violet asked as Tsuki reached forward and touched the crumbled wall of the castle. All of a sudden the scenery around them changed. No longer was it rubble around them, but all the buildings were suddenly as if they were brand new and the small town was bustling with people dressed in the style of old Japan. Both Violet and Felicia's eyes widened.

"Holy cow!" Felicia exclaimed. Tsuki smirked at their reactions.

"Sometimes if a spirit is strong enough it can change the world around it. This is where Setsuko's spirit is—her last memories of her previous life," Tsuki said.

Violet was amazed for she never thought that she would experience Japanese History first hand. She felt like she was in a dream and she pinched herself which Felicia laughed a little. "You aren't dreaming. I bet you are acting like a fan girl at the moment aren't you?"

Violet nodded and Tsuki spoke up. "Hate to interrupt but we must hurry the longer you two remain here the higher the risk of you two getting stuck here."

Violet spoke up. "You should have warned us before we came here."

Tsuki felt a hint of guilt. "I'm sorry I didn't but Setsuko sama is inside of the castle she is searching for Kenjiro."

Violet saw that they were in the middle of the village. "Well let's run than because we need to do this now." She took off with the other two right behind her. Soon they came across some guards which Tsuki stopped them both.

"Wait you need to blend in." He closed his eyes and manipulated their clothing to dress them as servants of the castle.

"Great disguise Tsuki." Felicia commented and Violet smiled than her expression changed.

"Now how are we going to get in?"

Tsuki motioned at the gate. "Tell them you work for Setsuko sama and they will allow you access." The girls approached the gate and the guards didn't even glance their way.

"Maybe time is different around us like we are in a loop that repeats and they can't see anyone who haven't originally lived in this era." Violet spoke up and Tsuki nodded changing their clothing back to modern day.

"That means only Setsuko sama and Kenjiro sama will see you and no one else." Soon Violet stopped like she was being pulled towards the direction of the main hall.

"This way." Violet told them and as they approached they could hear Setsuko sama calling out for her former fiancée.

"Kenjiro-sama! Kenjiro-sama!" They could hear Setsuko crying out. The edge of her voice betrayed something angry and unfocused.

"That's Setsuko…" Violet said as they all three peeked around the corner to see Setsuko approaching Kenjiro who stood next to her father.

"Setsuko, I thought you were going to rest in the ladies quarter?" Her father asked. He looked at her with surprise. Even Kenjiro seemed stunned to see her.

"Lady Setsuko, to what do I owe the honor?" Kenjiro asked.

"Lord Kenjiro, I just had to see you—you would never betray me would you?" She asked.

"Oh no…she's still in denial about what happened," Felicia said. Tsuki sighed. It was true, it seemed Setsuko's spirit was in turmoil. It seemed she was having trouble accepting her death and maybe was even in denial.

"You girls have to help her discover the truth," Tsuki said.

Violet turned to Tsuki. "How exactly are we to do that? I mean we already tried once." Tsuki was silent and then Felicia pushed her friend forward.

"If you have a part of her soul inside of you than make her see that."

Violet just stood there. "Are you crazy?"

She shook her head. "No but Tsuki seems to believe it that is why she took control of you as soon as we met her."

Violet sighed for this was their chance and time was short. "Alright fine."

Violet walked over to Setsuko "Setsuko remember me?" Violet asked and Kenjiro's expression changed for he was not happy the two girls were now interfering with the past. Setsuko seemed to snap out of it for a minute.

"Violet?" She walked closer to her friend.

"Yes it's me and I'm really here with Felicia and Tsuki." She motioned her friends to back her up here.

Felicia spoke up. "Setsuko listen to me you are in denial of what we had told you. The past is not what you had remembered."

Violet nodded. "You died and it was his fault." She pointed at Kenjiro who grew into a rage.

"I think you two should return to your own time or else."

"I'm not afraid of you Kenjiro for you not but a bully. You wanted her lands because of greed and you murdered her family because of it." Violet revealed and Setsuko seemed to be calming down a little.

"Emperor Tokugawa who just united Japan is now on the throne and he granted Kenjiro here everything in thanks for his service but Setsuko he used the wedding as a ploy to get the rest of the lands including this castle here. He didn't love you and you never deserved what had happened to you." Felicia smiled for she was proud of her best friend. Tsuki decided to push it even further.

"Setsuko sama you had always been kind to me and I had sworn to protect your bloodline and I had been there the night it happened. At the time I should had warned you about my master and his plan but I had been a coward and I'm sorry about allowing it to happen. I will see you to the afterlife where you can find peace."

Violet than saw Kenjiro make his move he came right at the girls in a rage. "You will not take this from me." Violet braced for the attack.

When it didn't come, she opened her eyes and gasped when she saw Tsuki had taken the brunt of the attack and now he was slumped in front og her with blood running down his forehead. Violet rushed to his side.

"Tsuki, are you ok!?" She asked him frantically. Tsuki grunted and pushed her away.

"I'm fine…just focus on saving Setsuko for now," he told her. Violet bit her lip. After a moment of hesitation, she nodded. She knew that even though she was worried about him, they had to focus on the bigger threat right now.

"Kenjiro you won't get away with this—how dare you hurt someone who trusted you!" Violet yelled. Just then she could feel something inside her calling out to Setsuko's power. At that moment, a bright light erupted from Violet and sent Kenjiro's spirit flying backwards.

Felicia was in shock just like her best friend who didn't know what had happened. Tsuki turned to Violet "You do have a piece of her soul in you after all." Violet knew than at what she had been told was real, very real and she just found a way to send Kenjiro to the afterlife. She took a deep breath.

"Setsuko please help me for I am a part of you and I don't want to be stuck here in the past. I know your life had been cut short but when I return to the future I will make sure it's a full life. Just please help me send Kenjiro to the afterlife you may rest in peace like you deserve."

Setsuko snapped out it and saw Violet's pleading eyes along with Tsuki who had been injured. "I'm so sorry for all of this and I never wanted for this to happen." Setsuko turned to Kenjiro who had recovered from the attack. "That girl is you Setsuko. I will kill her like I had killed you."

Setsuko put her hand up and in a rage. "You will not harm her for I have the power to send you to the afterlife."

Kenjiro smirked. "I don't think you are that strong enough."

Violet stepped up. "Not alone but with a part of her inside of me I will help her carry out what should had happened centuries ago." Violet smiled at her friend and Setsuko nodded. Violet closed her eyes and she felt a connection to her friend soon the light grew so bright that Kenjiro was thrown into the rift that had opened never to return. But than Violet felt Setsuko slipping and she opened her eyes. "You are free Setsuko I hope you find peace."

Setsuko smiled. "You are me in so many ways I hope your life is a full one and take care." She glanced at Felicia "Both of you are special and I give you both my blessing of a happy life." Then before she completely disappeared into the same rift she turned to Tsuki. "Thank you for protecting Violet and her friend. You never been a coward what you had done today Tsuki was brave. You are free from your duty go to the other side if you wish or remain to look after the girls if you so wish. What ever your heart desires I want you to be happy."

Tsuki bowed his head. "Thank you Setsuko sama." She soon vanished into the rift which than sealed itself and Violet didn't feel the connection for now it had broken completely. It was than they returned to the modern period just right outside of the historic district. Violet knew that she will remember this for the rest of her life. Felicia turned to her best friend.

"Are you alright?" She nodded.

"I think it's time for us to go back to the inn and grab some food. Also I'm sad we missed the summer festival that we came to see."

Tsuki than thought of something. "I can recreate a moment of the summer festival tonight since I take it that you two will be returning home tomorrow."

Violet smiled "That would be great Tsuki we look forward to your surprise." Violet and Felicia returned to the inn to relax and enjoy some good food. They talked about everything that happened and once night fell they waited anxiously to see what Tsuki was up to.

At midnight Tsuki called them out for a firework festival by all sorts of his yokai friends. They also had some of the best sake and food that the yokai world had to offer. They partied well into the morning and didn't end up sleeping at all. They figured that they would sleep on the plane ride home. They said goodbye to Tsuki before they drove to the airport and thanked him for all his help on their journey.