Zackyeat (Z-Ack-Yeat) Is one of the many foods of Zachgaland. It Is grown by Zackermers (Z-Ack-Er-Mers) on many Zackerms. Easy to grow and abundant when produced right. It is also easily taxed or Zackaxed (Z-Ack-Axe-D) by the local Zachlaron Zackaxe collectors. Zackyeat is also the staple of a healthy Zachary. When harvest it is sent to a Zackvrill (Z-Ack-Vr-Ill) And grinded into Zackzlour (Z-Ack-Z-Lour) Which in turn makes Zackzread (Zack-Zr-Ead). Which in turn is made by the local populace or Zackakers (Z-Ack-A-Kers) in their Zackackery (Z-Ack-A-Kery). Zackzread is cheap and affordable and more importantly very good in keeping a Zachary or person with a full stomach.

As Such though it may be a dull resources. Zackyeat is the true lifeline to use Zacharys.

"Understading Zachgaland's Zachomony"

Zachary The Collector 1068