The History of the Clan Empire

I am a scribe to the Last Emperor, Emperor Yu Xi of the Clan Empire of the Former Head Clan of Kid. I have been with the Emperor since his ascension and continue to serve him even after the Republican Revolution. I am writing down the History of the Clan Empire of Kedana. The History is long and may take years to fully write.

The Origins of the Clan Empire begin with the Collapse of the Cani Impera. The Collapse of the Cani Impera brought about a dark age in kedana where the continent became split up. The North consisted of Tribes and the South Consisted of Small Kingdoms fighting eachother for power. The North was united by the Jinxaii Tribe who had hired a Narajii (A Jakorvorian Viking) to help them take down the Archedons who had plagued there borders. From there they united other clans to there cause quickly and established in 224 ACI the Northern Tribal Confederacy. The Northern Tribal Confederacy eventually looked south at the Baltica's who had for a long time launched crusades against the divided north but the North untied and launched the first attack against the Balticans quickly pushing them back to the Baltican Peninsula. 50 years later in 274 ACI the baltica is in civil war and ruled by a weak king, the Northern Tribal Confederacy launches an attack and quickly over runs the divided Baltican Kingdom.

In the year 274 ACI in the Balitcan City of Londum the Head Chief of the Confederacy Kan Yui announces the creation of the Clan Empire. The Clan Empire initially consisted of 5 Clans and 2 Kingdoms; the Byzan Clan, the Jurra Clan, the Yui Clan, and the Yuan Clan, then the two kingdoms being the Kingdom of the Northern Baltica and the Kingdom of the Southern Baltica.

The first action of Emperor Kan Yui was the establishment of the Imperial Army and the Formation of the Head Clan system and the now famous Imperial Constitution. The Emperor would reside in the Northern City of Pakin. The Reign of Emperor Kan Yui was not an easy one it was a hard reign as threats from the East loomed with the rising Nomad Khanate in the West rising, he also dealt with a massive Small pox outbreak in the Empire and managed to keep the Empire from imploding.

Emperor Kan Yui died in his sleep 20 years after his reign began, the next Emperor to take power was his son Emperor Lii Yui, his reign was more turbulent as the Balticans attempted to break away but the Balticans were put down by the Imperial Army. His reign had little to nothing of note. The enxt 5 Emperors whose names have been lost to history did nothing of importance.

The Yui dynasty eventually merged with the Jurra Dynasty, the Jurra Clan then became Head Clan of the Empire. The First Emperor of the Head Clan of the Jurra was Emperor Tan Mei, he is best known for the modernization of the Imperial Army and the foundation of the first official Imperial Navy. He also launched attacks against the Kingdom of Nii in the west and obliterated the Kingdom, the cruelty of Emperor Tan Mei was shown at the Siege of Kang Han when after the Siege he ordered every Nii boy age 1-18 have there throats slit in front of him and then thrown into a mass grave and buried. After the Siege of Kang Han the Nii surrendered and became part of the Clan Empire as the Clan of Nii.

Emperor Tan Mei died without a heir to the throne after being poisoned by his most trusted advisor. The Advisor is said to have been thrown into a pit of Tigers and mulled to death.

The leadership of the Empire switched to the Yuan Clan, the names of the Emperors have been lost but we do know that they did expand the Empire further Westward. There were 13 Emperors within the Yuan Clan.

Thus Ends the Early Era of the Clan Empire here are the names of the Head Clans in this Era

The Yui Clan which had 6 Emperors

The Jurra Clan which had 1 Emperor

And the Yuan Clan which had 13 Emperors

The Early era spanned from 224 ACI-576 ACI

The Pinnacle Era

The Pinnacle Era is a most interesting era, the first Head Clan to lead the Empire in this Era was the Kingdom of the Baltica, they were the Emperors of the Empire for over 150 years and under there reign specifically Emperor Ethan of Lanshire the II, under his reign he expanded the Empire to the Redanan mountains and conquered the then divided Kid Clans. The balticans also opened the ports to the Empire of Jakorvar and in those years the Clan Empire had a huge boost in technology.

The baltican Kingdoms eventually lsot favor with the other Clans when they attempted to bring a form of democracy a elective monarchy into the system and the Clans around them launched an attack on the baltica and the Status of Head Clan switched to the Namie Clan in the West, under the Namie Clans specifically under Emperor Yuan Namie they rought the largest Clan itno the Empire, the Commonwealth of the 3 Kingdoms. Not much happened in the Namie Era and the Dynasty didn't alst long and died out and power then switched to the Commonwealth however due to the fact there were 3 Kings at the times they declared it the Regency Era of the Empire when the Commonwealth looked over the throne while they tried to find a suitable Clan.

The Commonwealth eventually attempted to expand into the Redana's. East and West Redana. The Commonwealth initially successful was defeated by the Kid Clan who intervened with there ally of West Redana and the Winter. The Commonwealth Wars ended with the Commonwealth being forced to split up into 32 other Kingdoms and the throne of the Empire being handed over to the Clan of West Redana. East Redana at thje time of the beginning of the Head Clan of Redana was in collapse due to the amount it took to fight the Commonwealth off, so the Kid Clan seeing a opportunity attacked the East Redanans along with the Western Redanans. The Kid and West Redanans quickly defeated the East and Split it in 2.

The Kid Clan later that year attempted an invasion of the Clan of Redana in what became known as the Kid Rebellion. The Kid Clan was nearly annihilated being left only in the Redanan Mountains. The Redanans eventually became the undisputed rulers of the Clan Empire and would rule for well over 340 years which at the times was the longest clan to be on the throne and with the Redanan's taking power thus ends the Pinnacle Era

The Pinnacle Era spanned from 576 ACI-1254 ACI

Dynasties of the Pinnacle Era

The Lanshire Dynasty which saw 5 Emperors

The Namie Dynasty- 3 Emperors

The Commonwealth of the 3 Kingdoms- The Council of the 3 Kings (being only 1)

The Redanan Dynasty- 25 Emperors

The Era of Decline

The Era of Decline began when the Horde War began, the Horde war was war between the Empire of the Hordaii and the Clan Empire. The Hordaii were a people who had been exiled from Kedana 2,000 years before and sough revenge against the Kedanii. The Clan Empire was invaded in 1255 ACI by the Hordaii, they began there invasion of the Commonwealth of the 32 Kingdoms. The Commonwealth due to a lack of Unity, and the fact the Emperor thought that the Commonwealth would be able to fend off the Hordaii eventually accumulated in the defeat of the Commonwealth and the begining of a 12 year long and bloody long conflict that claimed the lives of up to 150 million Kedanii, and over 300 million Hordaii. The Commonwealth was the most advanced clan of the Clan Empire as they had Flintlock muskets and advanced tactics, however in the end they were simply outnumbered and taken by complete surprise and for the fact they were still recovering from there defeat in the Commonwealth War. Eventually the Horde began there invasion of the western areas of the Clan Empire, the Emperor then once he realized the Commonwealth was defeated called for a complete mobilization of the Imperial Military, the Horde then invaded the Head Clan of Redana and the Nomadan Clan. General Long Zhao of the Northern Armies was called to hold the North and he did, under his command the Imperial Army held the line and even pushed them back some. The Emperor was moved to the City of Roma after the Capital came under siege. It was at this point that General Long Zhao was called south to help hold Redana at all cost. The Legendary General of the Northern Army moved his army South and created a defensive line along the Raja River just West of Roma. For several months they managed to hold off any attack, the combined use of the exiled Commonwealth Armies, Nomadan cavalry, and the legendary Kid Spartan units, managed to hold the line for months, that was until the Reena Incident. General long Zhao was ordered to lead a night attack against the Horde at a town calle Kai Trei. When he and his men were sneaking up they fired a flare off, unknown to Zhao or the defenders they were both on the same side, they were Commonwealth Soldiers who began to open fire. Eventually Zhao was wounded and he disappeared, no one knows what happened to Long Zhao legends say he went off to the Southern Kingdoms and became the defenders of the valley with the Night Witch. The Empire had lost a great General.

We skip about 6 years the Redanan Dynasty has become extremely unpopular with the other Clans, the King of the Kid Clan plotting for years since there defeat in the Kid Rebellion has wanted the throne and now he had the chance, with the Empire near implosion due to the inefficiency of the Redanan, the Kid Clan knew they had to be thrown out of power and so on May 3rd 1261 the Kid Clan invaded the Redanans and quickly pushed the Gauraja River where the Redanans had the chance to stop the Kid Clan and they nearly did, had it not been due to Nomadan Calvary that had joined the insurrection. 1 day later Kid troops march into Roma and the last Emperor of the Redanan Clan signs the Roma Accord handing the title of the Head Clan over to the Kid Clan. Emperor Lee Xi's first order was to order a fall back out of Redana and back across the great Massapi River. The Imperial Army was to hold the River at all cost. Under this new defensive strategy and under more competent rule the Imperial Military managed to hold once more.

Another 5 years pass and 11 years into the conflict the Horde invaded the Baltica and were hopping to take the Baltican Peninsula before the winter, fortunately the Imperial Military and the Knights of the Baltica were able to hold the Horde off long enough for when winter did start they were not prepared and the winter killed many. From this defeat the Horde could not recover and they were pushed back. 1 year and 3 months later the horde is in a frenzy trying to evacuate the continent and head back to there island. Any Hordaii Prisoners captured were killed immediately.

The war ended in 1268 ACI

For many years after the war the Clan Empire rebuilt not much happened in between 1268 to 1850 ACI. However in 1850 ACI the first cracks showed when the Kid Clan was unable to deal with initially the rise of the 3 Kingdoms in the Commonwealth. See the Kid Clan had blocked all modernization, something that would come to bite Kedana in the ass many years later, and the Kid Clan was unable to split them up again as the Commonwealth had to much power now. Skip another 50 years to 1900 ACI the last Emperor Yu Xi was crowned Emperor of all Kedanii. In 1905 ACI the Empire of Jakorvar attacked the Clan Empire and utterly annihilated the Baltican and Byzanian Armies effectively forcing the Clan Empire to sue for peace and had over key islands in the Eastern Ocean. The Kid Clan's popularity after this defeat was hit so hard that many clans began plotting a overthrow. The Baltica began plotting a Revolution...a Republican Revolution. Come the year 1921 ACI the Jakorvorians once again attacked the Clan Empire taking the Clan of Byzan the Empire's most industrialized area and holding it for ransom for all the Islands in the Eastern ocean. Jakorvar handed back Byzan but the damage was done the Kid Clan was doomed to fall now, there ineffectiveness was now shown in full glory. Come 1935 ACi 35 years into Emperor Yu Xi's reign the Kingdom of the Baltica disposed of the King and established the First Republic on Kedana and declared the Republican Guard of the Baltica. The Clan Empire attempted to respond with the Imperial Military but within 2 days many elements of the Imperial Military began to mutiny and create there own armies inside the clans and attmept to over throw the governments. The Emperor then called for all loyal clans and armies to rally to the Kid the Emperor and to fight for the Empire. So the Kedanii Civil War began between the Imperial Loyalist and the Republican Revolutionaries and the Kingdom of Redana, and the Commonwealth of the 3 Kingdoms. Jakorvar opted out of the Revolution as they were dealing with another orc invasion at the time.

The Civil War ended after 2 years of fighting and resulted in Emperor Yu Xi's forced signing of the Republican Accord effectively establishing the Republic of Kedana. The Republic however was and is still plagued with Pro imperialist Warlords, Communist, and the invasion of both the Kingdom of Redana and the Commonwealth of the 3 Kingdoms, both of these fighting to restore the Xi Dynasty back to power. The Republic launched its first attack against the Redanans in 1937, the Republic had managed to retain a good part of the former Imperial Army, The Republican Army soon fractured and many returned to their homelands to serve the independent states, some stayed and served the Republic. The Redanan and Commonwealth Army made a move to restore the Xi Dynasty (The Kid) back to the throne by retaking the Golden Throne which had been stolen by the Republic and put on display.

The Era of Decline lasted from 1255-1937 ACI

Dynasties of the Decline Era

The Clan of Redana (Continuation from the Pinnacle Era) 1 Emperor in the Decline Era

The Kid Clan: 30 Emperors.

The Xi Era

Soon 3 Alliance appeared on Kedana: The Imperial Restoration Movement, The Republican Federation of Kedana, and the Kedanii Comintern. These alliances all began to fight eachother for supremacy over the continent. The Federation had early successes before the September mutinies after a devastating loss against the Redanan Royal Army at Roma in 1939 ACI. The Republic was forced into a retreat when the Royal Redanan and the Commonwealth Armies encircled the 3rd Republican Army at Narajii, this forced the Republic to abandon Byzan (Which was pro Monarchist and gladly accepted the return of Royal rule to the area.). The Royal Alliance with the re-capture of Byzan and the Nomads who willingly joined the Royal Alliance soon launched an attack to end the Federation once and for all. The Communist soon established a alliance with the Republic and they began to work together to fight the Royal Alliance.

The Royals in a offensive to take out the Thirtanians and the Balticans were pushed back at the Battle of Wills in 1941 ACI. This resulted in a stalemate appearing and both sides entrenched. The Royals wanted the war to be quick but it soon became apparent that the Federation and the Commies were not going to go out easily. Within the Royal Alliance many began to question the possibility of restoring Emperor Yu Xi, Redana wanted to put a Redanan Emperor back on the trone, the Commonwealth wanted to restore the Council of the 3 Kings. The Nomads though expressed loyalty to death for the Emperor Yu Xi. The Royal Alliance began to take steps to make a break through and end the war before Jakorvar got involved and took easy pickings. In December of 1944 the Royal Alliance launched a Winter Offensive into the Baltica and initially over ran the defenses and made massive break through s, they beseiged Londinium by January of 1945 and had made a race to the sea and cut the Federation and Communist in half. The Siege of Londnium was harsh and brutal, the Alliance bombarded the city to ruble and fought over it for over a year. By March of 1946 the Royal Alliance managed to take Londinium and force the Federation to sue for peace.

The Federation was disbanded and the old Royal Clan Governments were placed back in power, the Republican eladers were to be executed in public as a show of force for the new Alliance. The Golden Throne was reclaimed which had been stored in the Southern Baltica and moved back to Pania the Capital of the Old Clan Empire. Emperor Yu Xi was restored to the Golden Throne in March of 1947.

In April of 1947 the Provisional Royal Government was established which consisted of delegates from the Royal States which came to discuss the new Government. The Provisional Government destroyed the last Major Unified Communist resistance in late April of 1947 and by Early May of 1947 and written up a new constitution for the new Nation, the New Constitution improved heavily upon the many many flaws of the Old Imperial Document of Powers, it established a Imperial Army that was ran by the Central Government and not the Clans, they established a cross the board Law books, but the States could change some rules, the Kings retained powers as only Governors, The Clans could not fight each other, the Emperor no longer would hold absolute rule over the Empire instead power would be distributed among the Imperial Congress, Senate, and House of Representatives.

By June of 1947 the Constitution of the People and Lords of Kedana was ratified and the in July of 1947 The Empire of Kedana was founded ending the Era of the Clan Empire and the beginning of the Imperial Age.

The Xi Era lasted from 1947-2798 ACI

Dynasties of the Xi Era:

The Xi Dynasty: 34 Emperors