Time to take a break from all the drama

So Im'a

Break it down shake it down

Just jump shake your rump

Move to the groove

As the music pumps

Don't stump

Don't get in a slump

Just bump

Don't live in sorrow

There might not be tomorrow

So just party all night

People on the left

People on the right

Aiyo lets get it tight



Get up sweat up

Just dance (4x)


With my rhymes you're inclined

To dance get enhanced

And have a good time

The dance floor's packed

With the funky sounds I pound

The crowd will react

Like "woah, what is that?"

They won't know how to act

They just want to have some fun

That's where it's at

Such groove cats

Such smooth cats

Lets forget our troubles

Just enjoy the moment

So yo dance and get up on it

Cuz misery is the true opponent



Get up sweat up

Just dance (8x)