Blow wind blow

Let me feel

Your bitter dark chill

Against my lips,

I say blow blow

Harder, harder

Dare you to

Raise cold sores

Upon my lips.

Now I feel you

Blow Harder, harder

You cold angry wind.

I raise up my arms

And pay you homage,

Faster, faster I dare you!

I feel you now Father

I know you're flying past me

My body tingles from your touch,

Keep on blowing, blow you bastard

Give me a cold sore

As proof you were near me,

I say goodbye to you

May the great East Wind

Speed you on your journey

Go, god damn it, Go,

I never really knew you

You very silent private man!

Blow wind blow.

I stand upon the Hill of Slane

On top of an ancient Tower

Made from stones

As inaccessible as your well shielded heart.

Blow wind blow

Take away my pain and loss

And carry it to its resting place.

Goodbye to you,

God why did you have to be

So very cold?