He died like a soldier,

Not a sound

Never once complaining,

Keeping quiet as expected

Just like a soldier

Doing his duty,

In the line of battle.

As the cancer raged within

He denied its presence,

And talked and longed for better days

Tomorrow and next week.

As his body shriveled

His skin turned green,

He said it was nothing to worry about,

And like a good soldier

He never once complained.

When he lay in his bed

All through the night,

Scratching his poisoned body,

He never complained,

And said it would go away next week,

Please God.

When his kids

Sat around him

Knowing the truth,

He talked about the weather,

Denying the foul smell of death.

He was a good soldier,

Would make any man proud

To have known him.

Finally, the last hours and minutes approached,

His breath was heavy

His eyes were sinking,

His family sat next to him

Hoping for a sign,

A final good-bye,

But he fell silent

And never awoke.

Jesus, he was such a good soldier.

His family ached

To bid him farewell,

But he would have none of it.

God, he was such a good soldier.