Death has you now

in his wooden box

Made of the best oak

And silver handles.

Death has you now

Enveloped in fine white satin

And rosary beads in hand,

Death has you now.

The hearse creeps along

For the old and young

Wailing behind you.

We approach the house

Where it all began

And pause, a final farewell;

The flashes of memories,

Toes pulled in laughter,

Ears pulled in anger.

The indifferent clouds pass overhead.

The house stands still,

Its curtains drawn in sorrow

For its patriarch is gone,

Death has you now.

Some wave him on,

Others wail him back,

Give him a good last look,

Before he goes under for good;

Just one more minute or two,

Whats that to eternity?

New clouds pass overhead

Carried by a cold east wind.

Life has not stopped for a second

Only death with his load.

One final look at the house

You painted not three summers ago,

With help and cheer on ladders and paint buckets

And you with your handkerchief,

Four corners tied on your head

And the bright sun burning the back of your neck,

The neighbors dropping in, waving past,

For an auld chat about who knows what;

How grand it looks, especially when it's done

And how great a job you were doing.

The hearse finally moves

For he has dead lines to meet

And we can't stop time,

So just take one last glimpse

At the house where you lived a Life,

And died a Life,

Under the shadow of the cross,

Standing Still.