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Point of view: Amanda Gris

I stared down at my navy blue dress as the car started to move. I glanced over at Caitlyn. She was fiddling with her magenta suitcase. It was a while since the two of us had spoken due to an incident in the summer that involved a movie, a drink and a phone case. I decided to finally start a conversation. I looked at her suitcase to try and catch a glimpse of her interests. It was only a suitcase with a pattern of pears that were slanted to the left. "Why are you staring at my luggage?" Caitlyn suddenly said. I almost jumped out of my skin with fright. I looked down at the suitcase I grabbed out of the little cupboard. "I was trying to catch a glimpse of your interests to make a conversation." I explained. Caitlyn leaned back and explained "Well my hobbies right now are masking masks, watching funeral videos online and riding a motorbike.". I was disgusted but I hid it. How gothic was this girl? "What are your hobbies?" Caitlyn asked. I thought for a moment before replying with "Reading jokes in the newspapers, trying to write words with a calculator and using a VR headset to try to get over motion sickness I get from rollercoasters.". Caitlyn smirked and asked "Have you ever tried typing 5318008 into a calculator then flipping it upside down?". I shook my head and took out my calculator. I typed in the string of numbers, turned over my calculator and read it. I was at the point that I couldn't hide my disgust. Caitlyn was getting a great laugh out of it. I immediately turned the calculator off and put it in my bag. I laid my head on my hand and asked "Caitlyn, why, for the love of god, would you make me write that word onto a calculator?". The car stopped and it was time to enter Catata City Academy of the Four Seasons. Caitlyn and I got out of the car and entered the school. We went our separate ways and I started walking towards my locker. It was the same one as last year but when I got there, I realized it wasn't beside Odarka anymore. There was a boy there. He had brown hair and I must admit, he was kind of cute. I hid my face with embarrassment. I hope I wasn't staring at him to the point he noticed. Was I blushing? Did he notice me? I felt so confused with myself.

Point of view: Gray Meldewson

"Dad, I'm fine. Me and Gami are here at school just fine. I AM NOT EMBARRASSED ABOUT THE FACT YOU ARE A TEACHER HERE! Okay, bye." I complained over the phone to my father. He had finally gotten a job but we had to move city, meaning I had to move to a new school. As I hung up the phone, I noticed something bright pink in the corner of my eye. I looked over the see a girl with bright pink hair standing at the locker beside me. I knew if I spoke to her, she could either be my first friend or first enemy in this school. I took the risk. I tapped on her shoulder and said "Hello". She jumped backwards as she turned towards me. She seemed extremely startled. "I am so sorry. I am new here. I was wondering if you could show me around. I'm Gray Kyo Meldewson." I explained. The girl seemed to calm down before saying "Nice to meet you Gray. I'm Amanda, Amanda Gris.". Good this girl seems nice but things just went downhill from there...

Point of view: Caitlyn Capriccchus

"I was not about to let this year end up being like the last one. In my last year of middle school, I happened to get rejected by twelve boys and broke up with four. This year, I am trying not the focus on love. Over the summer, my personality got a bit more e- how did I end up on the floor?" I said to myself before realizing I was on the ground. I always did a running commentary on my life for no reason. It was a habit I copied from my older brother. I looked up to see a senior boy with black hair and an eyepatch bending over with his hand sticking out. "Do you need help back on your feet?" he asked. I folded my arms and looked away from him. I was hoping I did not shrink. It was a thing that happens around people I have a crush on. I took his hand and got back on my feet. I realized that I was definitely shorter than when I was in the car with Amanda. "You look like a princess in a book I read. Have you ever read Song of the Tattoo?" the boy asked. Was he seriously trying to make a conversation about reading books? Can this guy read minds? I had no clue why but I told him the truth. "That's my favorite book. The best bit is the part where they were at the hospital and there was a crowd of zombies. The funniest part of that was the part where Leona said "Well if it's not a balcony you are jumping from to get to your Juliet, it's a flight of stairs covered with shirts and sponges."." I explained. I didn't realize how publicly nerdy I was being. I was glad he and I were the only ones in the school garden. He seemed extremely interested about what I was saying. I looked away and explained "Sorry. I'm not used to talking about books to anyone else. It's kind of my little secret.". The boy smiled and said "It's okay. My secret is I sometimes rub manure on my sister's toothbrush in order to get revenge for any pranks she does. I'm Rein Furgesten. What's your name?". I was relieved this guy accepted my flaw and introduced myself "I'm Caitlyn Capriccchus.". Rein smiled and said "See you around Caitlyn.". He left and I felt myself go back to my normal size. I could feel myself blushing. Good job trying not to fall in love this year Caitlyn.

Okay soo I am going to do some fun facts about the main characters.

Amanda Gris: Amanda hides her right eye out of shyness

Gray Meldewson: Gray's father is a math teacher at the school.

Rein Furgesten: Rein doesn't like science because of the teacher. We will see why in the next chapter.

Caitlyn Capriccchus: Ironically, the only letters in Caitlyn's name that are between A to F are A and C. Caitlyn is an A and C grade student with C consisting of the majority of her grades, just like her name.

Okay that's all I have to say. Also I might be changing the rating from T to M. Plus if you haven't done the 5318008 thing on the calculator, it spells boobies. Yeah you see why this is rated T now.