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Grading preschool tests was very fun.

They weren't necessarily tests, just little quizzes that made sure the concepts of the class were understood. Writing different words using different letters, drawing examples of a bird, matching shapes and numbers to one another.

It was fun to see the variety in the answers, even in kids who understood what they were doing, and the artwork was fun to see in itself.

"Teacher B?"

The tiny voice caused him to look up, staring into the eyes of three identical triplets that he could somehow tell apart. Woo Yong How, Wai, and Huat stared up at him, their eyes filled with the same light they always had when they wanted to ask a question.

"Yes, boys?" He asked, unsure why they were still here at dismissal.

"We want you to meet someone!" Wai chirped, as his brothers moved around the desk to grab his hands and pull him out of the chair.

He smiled at the boys as they led him around the desk. Meeting 'someone' could mean anything from a parent, one of their best friends, or an animal that they liked. It was often better to go along with them and find out, rather than ask questions that would only lead to more.

"Okay, I'm coming." He chuckled, hearing his cat's meow as he abruptly left the room.


The triplets dragged him towards the school's front doors, opening the door and letting him out as they kept dragging him.

"Come on B, we almost there!" Huat reassured, patting his hand as they stood outside, moving towards the gate that separated the school from the driveway.

Finally, they stopped in front of a car and a woman opened the door.

From the way she was looking at him and the trio that held him in place, he guessed she was their mother.

She was very nice looking and had a kind face, hiding a smile as she looked at her children, then up at him. Aside from being a little short and a bit older looking than he was, which were not bad things in the slightest, she was attractive.

"Our Weng Ah Yi wants to ask you many questions!" How smiled.

Questions, like 'someones', could mean anything. The boys hadn't been in any trouble, but their mother could want to ask about anything in school. He pushed his glasses up his nose and tried to look professional as Wai clarified.

"So you both can be friends!"

"Maybe she'll like you Teacher B!" Huat finished, all three triplets looking up at the adults, fully expecting them to become best friends.

The woman, Weng, was blushing softly and he almost chuckled. She looked cute when she blushed, although most women did in his opinion.

"Pleased to meet you… and I wasn't expecting you. There aren't many guys working at preschools that I know of." She stuttered, looking down at her feet to hide another blush.

"I'm sorry I wasn't what you expected." He answered. She was right, he was the only man working and teaching at the preschool, and Happy Valley Kindy predominantly had a female teaching staff.

"Some people said you were an old lady." He added, putting his arms around the triplets as they giggled, avoiding a stare from Weng as they darted into a car.

As Weng laughed, he stuck out his hand to shake hers. "I'm Teacher B, and I'm very glad to meet you."

Weng shook his hand before mumbling a goodbye, and he watched the car drive off with a chuckle on his lips.

He was pretty sure he'd see her again.


Two days later, he did.

The triplets walked into the classroom, How armed with a note that he placed on his desk.

"Ah, so you guys are going to the doctor?" He asked as the triplets began to speak.

"Yep, we have checkups to do!" How started.

"…So we can be healthy and strong!" Wai continued.

"Just like you!" Huat finished.

Teacher B smiled as they walked to their seats and began getting ready for the day, talking to the other three students as their class pet, Paws the cat, nuzzled them in greeting.

As they got their lessons started, the day went by smoothly. They read together from picture books, worked with numbers, spelled some easy words, and competed to see who could build the best block tower. Lunch came and went, and then it was naptime.

The lights lowered and Teacher B pulled out a guitar, lightly fingerpicking a melody and singing softly as his six students slumbered. Thankfully, they were at the end of the hall and away from all the other classrooms, so it was quiet for them.

It was good practice for him as a musician and the kids liked his voice, so he'd always sing for them during naptime or whenever a song he liked came on the classroom radio.

Finally, the afternoon lessons started, until a knock came at the door, and B turned to see the same woman from before standing awkwardly in the doorway.

"Sorry, the woman at the desk said I could come here to pick up the triplets." She stammered. "Sorry to interrupt."

"No trouble, we were just about to start reading." He answered as the triplets stood and grabbed their backpacks, moving towards Weng and waving goodbye to their friends and teacher.

"Have a good time at the doctor!" He smiled as they left, before opening the picture book and starting to read.


Weng could hear Teacher B reading to his final three students, and she smiled despite herself. He sounded so animated and excited about what he was reading, and from what the triplets told her, he cared about what he taught.

"Did you guys have a good day?" She asked.

"Yep!" How smiled "We learned how to count to twenty by using our hands!"

"It not hard," Wai added, holding up his hands to show her.

As Weng giggled, Huat looked up at her as they walked to the car. "Does Teacher B know how to count to twenty?"

"I think he does, probably to other large numbers too, like thirty," Weng answered, watching the triplets' eyes widen as discovered new admiration for their teacher. Anyone who could count to a big number like thirty must be super smart!

Getting them into the car, How spoke up as they started to drive off.

"When will you and Teacher B become friends?'

"We are," Weng answered, even though she knew nothing about him besides the basics. She didn't even know what B stood for.

"But friends hang out and play together!" Wai answered, "You need to set a playdate!"

Huat nodded "Then you will be friends! We can help because teacher B like to play games."

Weng chuckled softly, letting the four-year-olds give her advice was never a good idea, but maybe a playdate wasn't a bad idea.

Teacher B exhaled as the class ended and his remaining three students got picked up. Now he just had to drive home, enjoy the weekend, and maybe get some writing done before the next school week started.

Paws walked across his desk absentmindedly, trotting on his papers before leaping off the desk when the phone rang.

Picking it up, B smiled in surprise as Weng's voice filled his ear.

"Hey B, umm, I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight. I can't leave the kids alone, but I would like to get to know you better if that's alright."

"Sure." He answered, smiling softly at Paws. "Do I need to bring anything?"

"N-no." She stammered "Just come at around eight and we'll have a small meal."

Then he heard the dial tone as he petted Paws. "Well kitty, I think we have something to do tonight. Let's go get ready."

Scooping his kitten up and locking the classroom door, he walked towards his car, both excited and a bit nervous about the invitation.


The triplets clapped as Weng hung up the phone, causing her to blush as the four-year-olds evaluated her performance.

"You do good job!" How smiled "Teacher B will be you friend for sure."

Wai hopped into her lap, pushing her back into the chair. "What will you eat?"

Huat joined his brother and answered the question, "I think Teacher B likes sandwiches! He always have them for lunch."

Weng hugged them to her and nodded "I can make some sandwiches for us, and we'll just talk for a while."

As the boys moved off her, she moved to the kitchen, inspecting the contents of the fridge and wishing she had time to go shopping. Why did she ask for the dinner to be today? Even if she had the time to get in the car and get to the store, she didn't even know what he liked.

"Hey Huat," she called, hearing the third triplet run over. "What type of sandwiches does B like?"

"The same kind Paws like!" The boy answered, "He always give her pieces during lunchtime."

Taking a deep breath, Weng considered her options. She had considerably less food in her pantry than normal, and the food she had would have to please the taste buds of a cat.

As Huat wandered off, Weng rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

The experimentation paid off, and she managed to create three different types of sandwiches in about an hour, so one of them would have to be something he liked.

Eight o clock came quickly just as she tucked the triplets into bed after her shower, normally they would stay up later but she was going to be nervous enough without the terrible trio causing trouble for her.

Then the doorbell rang, and after taking a deep breath, she walked downstairs and moved to open the door.

Teacher B smiled at her, causing her to blush again as he shook her hand. "Hello, Weng."

"Hello B" She smiled back, unsure whether to call him Teacher B or just B, at least until she figured out what it stood for.

As she invited him into the kitchen, both adults were unaware of six eyes watching them from the banister.


The three triplets remained very quiet as they watched Weng and Teacher B sit at the table and begin to eat. They were supposed to be in bed, but since the friendship between Weng and Teacher B was very important, they decided to supervise and watch.

Besides, Teacher B had spent all week talking about how to make friends, so maybe they could tell Weng how to use those lessons!

How smiled as Teacher B began eating the sandwiches, at least Weng made them right and he liked them, but she was a good cook and B was nice. Maybe he'd eat and enjoy the food anyway.

Huat wiggled softly as he watched "Are they friends yet?"

"I dunno." How answered, he couldn't hear what they were saying, so he wasn't sure if they were talking about friendship things.

Wai looked down as well, thinking about the ways B had taught them about how to make friends. They had to say hello, smile, and play together… then they'd be friends!

"I want Weng and B to be friends" Huat added. "Both of them are very nice and care about us, so we be happy with them! Weng need a lot of friends."

"Quiet!" Wai whispered, all three boys ducking down as footsteps began to move up the stairs, but both Weng and Teacher B were downstairs!

They huddled together, wondering if the monster that lived under their beds was finally going to attack them, but they couldn't scream or ask Weng for help… they'd get in big trouble if they were out of bed!

Then the monster walked up the stairs with a soft meow, hissing gently before trotting over to the people it knew.

"Paws!" How whispered, grabbing the cat gently and cuddling it. "How you get in our house?"

"Who cares?" Wai smiled, scratching Paws behind the ears as Huat peeked down towards the adults.

"I hope you don't mind Paws being out and about." B smiled, finishing off his third sandwich as Weng smiled, proud of her cooking ability. "I can't leave her at home alone."

"It's no trouble," Weng added, watching the black and white cat slink up the stairs.

"I have a butterfly garden at home and she doesn't like it. I left her alone one spring day and when I came back the curtains facing the garden were shredded as she tried to claw her way through the window." He chuckled, causing a laugh from Weng as well.

"Well, she's welcome in my home." She laughed.

"I think I should tell you that your sons are doing very well in my class." He added.

"Sons?" Weng chuckled, nearly choking on her bite as she drank from her water glass. "No, no… those 3 triplets are my nephews! Their parents are away in Beijing for a business trip, so I've been watching them for a few months."

B smiled again, causing her to shudder a bit. Was his smile always that cute?

"I'm glad." He responded. "I was about to remark that they didn't look like you. They are still doing well in my glass, they're always asking questions, and I seem to remember they said you had many questions for me."

Weng nodded, grabbing another sandwich and smiling. "What does B stand for?"

"Brady" He answered, "But Teacher B was easier for the students to remember when I started at the school, so it stuck. I've been teaching for about a year, mostly to help me with my writing. I've been writing novels and short stories, but when I was recently contracted to write a children's book I decided to get into the minds of younger kids by interacting with them, and Happy Valley Kindy needed teachers."

He took another bite of his sandwich, smiled approvingly, and then continued. "After I finished with the book, my students didn't want me to leave, so I stayed on for this year. Teaching them clears my head and I've learned just as much from them as they have from me."

"The boys talk about you all the time." She smiled "They tell me you sing to them, read books, and you play with them at recess. They love you."

"I believe if you do something, do it well." He answered. "Who knows, if the author thing doesn't work out, I might become a preschool teacher."

They both lapsed into silence after that, before B smiled and stood up. "Well Weng, I think I need to get going, I've got some writing to do and I don't want to be out too late. Still, I'm glad we got to talk and I hope we get to do it again soon. Maybe coffee later?"

"Of course." Weng smiled, "I'd enjoy that."

B looked at her with a blush before his mouth opened with a big question. "May I hug you, Weng? I'm a bit tactile."

"S-sure." Weng blushed, stepping into his arms and letting him hug her. Her head rested against his chest as he squeezed her softly, before letting go.

"Paws, come here!" He called.

"They hugging!" Wai smiled. "I think they gonna be good friends!

Huat and How giggled and cheered quietly as Paws purred, nuzzling them softly.

"Paws, come here!"

Paws squirmed out of How's arms and hopped down the stairs, running to her master as Weng looked up to see her three charges peeking down at them.

"Aren't you all supposed to be in bed?" She asked as they came bounding down the stairs.

They began speaking in their triplet talk, one after the other.

"We wanted too, but…"

"Paws was meowing so we had to see her…"

"Then we wanted to see if you made friends!"

Weng chuckled and gave them each a kiss on the forehead. "Alright, we've made friends, so you three can go to bed."

They nodded, giving Paws one last pet before going back up the stairs, and Weng opened the door as Brady carried Paws out.

"Weng, I'm glad we're friends, and I hope we'll keep letting our friendship grow." He smiled, staring at her as if their friendship was the most important thing in the world, and maybe it was.

As he left and the door closed, Weng smiled.

They'd made friends, now she had to see where that friendship took them, and she couldn't wait.


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