A lost child looking off in the horizon,

Desolation risking falling in the silence

Oh, I'm still alive

I'll be a soldier coming home for the first time

I dodged a bullet and I walked across a landmine

Oh, I'm still alive

Am I bleeding? Am I bleeding from the war?

Just shine a light into the wreckage, so far away, away

'Cause I'm still breathing

'Cause I'm still breathing on my own

My head's above the raining warfare

Making my way away

My way to where?

Taking fentanyl and feeling like I'm flying

Blocking out that people all around me are dying

Oh, I'm still alive

I've got my weapon but I'm cracking from the pressure

My hands are shaking barely keeping it together

Oh, I'm still alive

My friends that should have been with me forever,

Lost the battle in a day I'll always remember

Oh, but I'm still alive

As I walked out on the ledge

Am I scared to death to live?

I've been running all my life

Just to find a home that's for the hopeless

And the truth that's in his message

Making my way, away, away

My way to where?

Author's note: I don't know the right word for this, sampling? Plagiarism? But I basically ripped off Still Breathing by Green Day and adapted it to a poem about my own character.