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The story of Sammy Diaz has different starting points.

It could start before he was even born, when his father's father died, from suicide.

It could start at the hospital when he and his twin brother were born, when his father him close to his heart, at the age of twenty minutes old, and decided that this would be the son that would take on the Samuel Diaz name.

It could start at Sammy's house when he was six, learning the choreography to the high school's spring musical from his babysitter and deciding that he wanted to be a dancer.

It could start with his Abuela buying him his first tap dancing lessons at age seven, despite his father's dislike for Sammy dancing.

It could start with him joining the baseball team in seventh grade, to appease his dad's want of a 'jock in the family'.

It could start with him coming out as bisexual to his mother and whispering to here 'don't tell dad, please'.

It could start with him auditioning for the high school musical, sneaking out and not tell his father.

The starting point of his story though, won't be any of these.

The starting point of the story of Sammy Diaz is in his tenth grade when he and his brother, Sebastian come home to see their father swinging from the ceiling by a rope.