I'm looking for a dude that will get down in it
Not afraid to get dirty and spin his tongue on my clit
I want your face deep in it when my hands are in your hair
I want my back to arch and my feet in the air
And if it's quiet you know it's not done right
Because my panties are soaked and my kitty is tight
Bring my legs back with my chin to my knees
I'm not ready if it don't sound like stirring Mac and cheese
Snatch fresh like a newborn, all clean and pink
My cum drips in your mouth like I'm making you a drink
But if you want this pussy you won't need an usher
Sweet like a fruit snack, I call it a gusher
My juices shine and glisten on your beard
I might call you daddy, hope that's not weird
I'll do things to your body and forget you're someone's son
Open my legs and say, "Supper is ready, hun."
Stay down on it and you'll never know hunger
It's like eating candy before bedtime when you were younger
You know it's naughty and your mom would not approve
But goddamn, papi, your tongue sure can move
When I ask you to clean your plate
I expect you to attack this pussy like shark bait
Fold your hands in your lap and say the Lord's prayer
I'm not religious so I don't care
It's just that cunts like mine are wet 24/7
And I know this pussy is gonna send you to heaven
So devour that peach and wear my legs like a crown
Around your ears nice and tight so you don't hear a sound
Make me writh and release against all odds
Be proud, don't you know fruit is food of the gods?
And If you're not eating pussy? Oh, I guess that's fine...
...I just hope you're not looking to be called mine.