Best Friend

oh, best friend, someone whom one can depend on

how well you can artfully, wonderfully pretend!

how I should have known what my dream would portend!

I awoke, from a fitful sleep, full of agony and pain and went to see you

but your door was closed, your windows locked to me, you would not come out.

No matter how much I wept and cried and shouted all about.

The neighborhood whispered of your cruel deed

But in the end, I wasn't of much need.

You found newer, better suckers to latch onto like the flea you are

You'll go anywhere, wide or far, for them.

Find a reason to spar, and then you've gone afar.

Leave the door ajar, friend

So we can come to contend about our paths in life

So I know why you thought I caused you so much strife

Enough that you ran my heart through with a knife

my heart is still beating, I am still alive, my "friend"

my nemesis, my darker self, my alter ego

So I am afraid you will have to stab your next victim

A little harder next time before you commit your next crime.

Ghosting, blocking, call it what you like, here I say, it's toasting before a proper false friend is turned into a Christmas stocking.

You're only good for happy occasions, otherwise you didn't care.

Companions, feelings, ha, you laughed!

What need have I of those?

I have companions: artifice, connivery, chicanery, and most of all, deceit!

I have feelings: greed, slothfulness, ignorance, malice and praise be to all, arcane conceit!

This little button determines who I allow to exist before my golden throne

So bow before it you worthless peons! I have existed for eons without you!

You try to enter my castle. The door will not open for you.

There is no seat for you at my table, there is no food for you at your place.

"Let me in! I'm different!" You shout, pounding, wearing a different face.

You see, when you deceive and cheat and lie and engage in moral debauchery

It's hardly unfair that everyone should distrust you.

Your chicanery and lies have done you in.

You shall continue bathing in sin

While I?

I shall be in here, living and learning from my mistakes, and being human.

You haven't got a clue

How to be anything or anyone without leaving someone feeling blue or making them black and blue.

You, my friend are no friend, but an enemy.

Take care that we never cross paths again.

There's a portrait hanging up in my gallery based on you,

in small letters, it reads : "the fool."

Hint: that's you.