Every morning I wake up, go downstairs, and eat breakfast, usually cereal and a banana. I then go to get clothes for my morning shower. Washing away any nightly grime and secretions I have on me. I let my body rise to attention.

Liquid drips down my eyes and nose. An unheard splash, but only felt.

Soap, sponge; I wash my body. Shampoo, I need to comb my hair. Let it all be cleansed. When I am done I leave the shower and look into the fog covered mirror. It's never clear enough to see my reflection, but it does it's job.

"There's blood." I tell myself, touching a random trail of blood.

My hand is clean.

I touch every drop running my hands up and down the trails watching the colors part in the mirror and still it remains.

My hands are still clean.

Is it the mirror or me? I've always wondered. I look everyday and it is always there. Blood isn't red but it is merely perceived as red due to hemoglobin within the plasma, coloring it red. That is what we call blood. A human's life source...

I can see blood. It's not mine. It won't come off. It will NEVER COME OFF.