The Library of Dreams is dusty and ancient, yet heady with the scent of possibility. Some come to browse for years upon years, others are in and out quickly, knowing exactly what they want and where to find it. Great wooden shelves stretch back into forever, laden with bottles of ambition. Spots of glowing glory in the dark. Each is labelled with spidery black scroll, on yellowing paper. 'I want to be a billionaire', 'famous', 'a king'. These dreams are popular, yet often returned. See, this library is not like the ones you know.

There are few rules. Anyone may come and go as they please, and take and return whenever they wish. There is no fine for holding on to a dream. They are yours to keep, forever. However, they must be cherished, and nurtured. If believed impossible to attain or pointless to chase, they return to the library, to be scooped up by another.

Some patrons are frequent visitors, always dreaming and rarely returning as they continue to strive. Others enter the library only occasionally. Some return almost every aspiration, unachieved. Yet one would be hard pressed to find a person who holds no dream at all.

The library is not housed within a building, cannot be plotted on any map. It lives inside us, easy to reach for some, harder for others, but always present. So do not despair, when you are lost and your ambitions seem futile. Take a wander through the Library of Dreams, and borrow something unexpected.