Hi everyone! This is my first story at FictionPress, but I have written a few stories on . You can find me there as 'demiwitch9356'. Anyways. By the way, My main character in this story, Zianne's nickname is Z, which is pronounced 'Zee'. I hope you like this story!

As the bell rang, Zianne got up from her seat and left the classroom, going out to the Pralvicone Center and slipping through the doors unseen, which was not a problem, since nobody ever saw her, anyway. She sighed as she reached Charlie's Corner and strode purposefully towards Writers and Readers Section. "Hey Z! Where are you going?", Charlie, the manager of the store asked, and as he looked up, realized where she was headed. He snorted. "You're going to Writers and Readers'. Whatever." She ignored him and walked in. She grabbed a blue ink pen and notebook paper and started writing a letter.

Flat no.3,

C Tower,

The Alphabetical Buildings,

Street no. C, Cavellandia, Riblarchet.

Hi to whoever this reaches. I have some problems. No matter how much I try, I just cannot seem to make any best friends. I mean, sure, I have some friends, but they're just friends to whom you just say 'Hi' and go away. At least, that's what they do. Then one day I thought, 'Let me go talk to some people myself.' But guess what, they shut me out. They get rude, and they only talk to people inside their 'group'. It's like the whole school has formed themselves into these groups, and nobody travels alone except me. What do I do? Please help me.


P.S.- Send the reply back to Charlie's Corner(only one in the world) at Pralvicone Center in Scendorfensch for the girl who comes to their Writers and Readers Section at 4 pm.

Done. Of course, that whole 'C themed'' address was fictional. She put it in the mailbox to see what would happen.