Kohai absentmindedly looked out the window of her classroom, not paying too much attention to whatever inane lesson her geography teacher had decided to load upon the class. Her reflection against the glass allowed her to give herself a proper look at her features. 'I could've gone without tidying up this morning.' She thought, knowing it was a falsehood the moment it crossed her brain. She knew that her Senpai cared about her deeply, and wanted only the best for her. That led her back to thinking about her Senpai, pondering what he was filling his day with.

Senpai slowly trailed along the path, back to his Kohai's house. His promise to stay there until she was back, he was going to make sure he kept. He kept pondering about what was up with her. Why was she embarrassed? She was usually alright with Senpai walking her, so why not now? Had something happened to her? These thoughts drove him insane. His paranoia kicking in, he was desperate to go back to her school, but he refrained the temptation and opened the door to of the house.

One of her classmates beckoned to her, breaking her train of thought. Kohai turned her head to meet the gaze of a girl who's company she didn't particularly enjoy, Druscilla Locke. Her eyes disclosed to Berry that whatever question she had in her mind was malicious, but she played along In the unlikely event that she was wrong. "Yes, Druscilla?" She snickered before proceeding.

"Who was that guy you were walking to school with? Is he your older brother?"

Kohai rolled her eyes, but not where Druscilla could see. "No."

"Is he one of your Dad's friends?"

"No, Druscilla said, struggling to keep her annoyance hidden. The obnoxious gasp revelation from Druscilla did not help matters.

"Is he your BOYFRIEND?"

He felt an empty pit in his stomach. He didn't particularly enjoy the feeling since he felt like something wasn't right. He plopped himself onto her red couch as he nervously awaited the end of the school day.

"What? Whatever would make you say that?" Kohai began to blush and become red with embarrassment.

"He's totally cute, and,from the way I see you with him, it looks like y'all are together."

He couldn't seem to sit still as every once in a while, he bounced up, looking around the room anxiously. His back faced the wooden door of his Kohai's room. He didn't want to wait.

"Well, we're just friends, alright? Nothing more."

"Ooooh. Berry, are you getting embarrassed? You have a crush on him, don't you?" Druscilla teased.

"No! That's weird. Why would you even say that?"

"I just call them as I see them."

Before Berry could retort, the bell signaling for her grade's lunch rang. It was a godsend, in her eyes.

A sigh escaped his lips as he felt calm, relaxed. He was glad that whatever seemed to be bothering him had stopped. Glancing at the time, he could see it was already halfway through the day. 'I should probably make myself something to eat..' he thought, making his way into the kitchen.

Berry sat alone at a lunch table isolated from the rest of her classmates. She slipped out a manga and quickly realized that reading such a piece of literature would be far too much trouble to read while eating.

He grabbed out a ready meal, too tired to make anything for himself. Slipping it into the microwave, he waited. Patiently.

Feeling self-conscious, she closed herself and quietly ate the mediocre food that the school had provided. Anytime that she looked upwards, she could see someone at some part of the cafeteria pointing, staring or laughing at her. She knew not what the joke was, but she feared that her guess was accurate. For this reason, Kohai kept her head ducked down.

Taking the hot microwaved food out of the oven, he meekly ate it, fully aware that he needed to fill his appetite despite not truly wanting to eat it.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. She purposely waited for everyone else to discard their trash before she got up and did it herself. Even then, Kohai placed ear buds with no music in her ears so that no one would be inclined to talk to her.

After playing around with his food for a while, he placed it on top of the table, deciding to save it for later. 'That should be okay... right?' He questioned himself as he wanted the house immaculate. He cleaned the house. It was going to spanking clean by the time she came back. He was going to make sure that was the case, despite the fact that it was practically already spotless.

Quirky tried her best to sleep throughout the rest of her classes, usually unable to due to pestering teachers or her peers. At times, she was forced to appear to pay attention in class so that her classmates would refrain from bothering her.

He sat by the door, waiting until his watch had read "15:00". He wanted to be out the door. Early. He couldn't wait any longer.

Kohai impatiently eyed the classroom clock, wishing the minutes would tick by faster. As usual, she had failed to retain what her instructor had droned on about for the past hour. She wanted nothing more than to leave. 'This is why I didn't want to come to school. Why can't Senpai see that?

"14:47". He was already out of the door, speed walking toward his Kohai's school.

Her fingers frantically tapped the desk. The teacher had since finished her lesson, and was also waiting for the last bell to ring.

Senpai waited outside of the school, hoping his Kohai would come out soon. He was worried. He had only hoped that everything was okay.

Finally, the bell ending the school day trilled. Elated, she ran out of the room, being sure to wish her teacher a good day on the way out. She briskly hurried through the crowded halls, making her way to the front doors.

He could see her run towards him in a rush. He was curious to know about her day. To know if she was safe.

Kohai ran down the steps, fighting the urge to leap up and hug her Senpai. After the day that she had, she would rather have not fueled the flames of imagination in the school's other students. Instead she stopped mere inches from him and said "Hi, Senpai. How'd your chore-filled day go?" with an innocent smile that she hoped would cover how awful she felt on the inside.

He could see right through her fake smile, but decided it wasn't best to bring it up now. He didn't want to make a potential scene and embarrass her any more than he already had.