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Chapter 1: Prologue / The (Ab)Normal one

Monday, January 1st 22xx. The dark sky that will turn bright in the morning, sounds of bird chirping, a city surrounded by walls. Alpha City, the main sector of all human society. It was built 80 years ago, after the great world war that happened 200 years ago. It is the largest human city ever made, stretching almost as big as Kalimantan island and shaped in a Hexagonal form. It is divided into 7 sectors which consist, Shopping sector, Residential sector, Open Land sector also known as Park sector, Office sector, Factory sector, Agriculture sector and Military sector. The leader of the city, stay in the tower in the center of the city, inside the Military sector.

The Shopping sector is where the main transaction business happened. From garment to food.

Open land sector/Park sector is just a normal park where everyone can enjoy their time.

Office sector is where all office from police to normal business office reside, under the sector, there's a Laboratories to create new invention from weapon to fertilizer.

Factory sector is where the assembly of product from Electronic to garment.

Agriculture sector is where all the food came from. Meat, wheat, rice and such came from here. They also provide wool and leather for the Factory sector.

The Military sector reside in the centre of the city, surrounding a large tower. Their duty is to protect the city, and the Leader, from Jusho and terrorist attack.

The residential sector has the most facility than other sector, there is apartments, schools, libraries, zoos, aquariums, movies, hospital and much more. Near a school, reside a small apartment. In one of the apartment room, a sound of alarm can be heard.

*Alarm noise*

Ugh, morning already?! Thought the boy, struggling to get up from the bed. He turns off the alarm, tuck away his blanket and sit on the bed.

While stretching his body he thought to himself, Can I survive another day? But then again, I survive this long must be for a reason. *sigh*

He gets up, tidy up the bed, remove his shirt, and start his morning exercise. A minimal of 100 push-up, sit-up and squat, as usual. He said to himself.

After that, he had breakfast. 2 bananas and a glass of milk, then he goes to the bathroom, brush his teeth and wash his body, after that he prepare to go to school.

While putting on his uniform in front of the mirror, he said "Same old me, heh". He wears his hat and gloves, took his bag, walk outside and lock the door.

The road to his school is just like a normal road, electrical pole every 10 meters on each side of the road, home line up on each side, nothing special. He walks through the neighbourhood with bag on his right hand and his left hand in his pocket.

His name is Kirisaki Zero, also known as Zero. 17 years old normal high school student, like to working out and writing stories, dislike dogs and spicy food. Has no ESP and considered as an abnormal. Main Character.

While walking to the school, a girl took his left arm and hug it. "Zero-kun, Good morning." With a cheerful tone she greets him.

"Ah, Dea-chan, good morning. Your boobs' as big as usual." He reply.

"Geez, you always think like a pervert, no girl will want you if you like that." With a pouting face she replies.

This girl is Morioka Dea, Zero's childhood friend. 16 years old, Zero's classmate, like cooking and Zero very much, dislike when Zero eating unhealthy food. Her ESP is super strength. She has the biggest bust in Vermilion High School.

The front gate of a normal school, there's a lot of student as they went into the school, there's a plank with words on it, 'Vermilion High School'. The school Zero been attending ever since he enters high school, well, he was accepted 6 months ago through scholarship and still a freshman, it's his second semester.

As the two of them walked, they were stopped by the head of disciplinary committee in front of the school gate. "Zero! Dea! Stop flirting! It is indecent!" She shouted.

"And good morning to you too, Nene. are you jealous?" Zero answer with a smile on his face.

"We are not flirting, we are doing 'skinship'." Dea answered.

"I-I am not jealous!" Nene talked back with blush on her face." And Dea, stop with the excuse and release Zero's hand.", she put both of her hand on her hip.

For this girl is Honda Nene, Zero's friend from Middle School.16 years old, Zero's School mate and the Head of Disciplinary Committee. Like Cookies and Tea, dislike Indecency (but has dirtier mind than Zero). Her ESP is summons a chain within a 100 meters radius from her. She's the flattest in Vermilion High School.

"Fine." Dea said and release Zero's hand. "I'll talk to you latter, bye." and she gave Zero a kiss on the cheek.

Seeing this, Nene's face got red and shout "LECHER! PERVERT! HENTAI!" and other thing to Zero.

Ah, as usual. She flipped out, again. After that he gave Nene a flick on the head, calming her down. And said "It's just a kiss okay, or do you want a kiss too?" with a gentle smile on his face.

Hearing this Nene's face got even redder than a tomato and she can't even mutter a single word, she just shocked.

There, that fixed things up. And he walked entering the school leaving Nene to the rest of disciplinary committee to wake her up. She is being shaken by a committee member.

Inside the school, a lot of student chattering, making the hallways noisy. And Zero just walk, until he bumped into someone. Zero lower his vision until he found a girl as tall as a kindergarten kid.

"Oy! Are ya blind or somethin', can't ya see me!" A girl with a twin cone hairstyle talk to him like he is some kind of peasant.

"Ah, Loli-chan, good morning. Sorry my mind kinda occupied by something right now." Zero answered while scratching his head.

"Well, at least ya know yer position round here. I demand an apology in some kind of thing, ya hear!" she said stretching her arm to Zero.

*Sighing with a smile* He pull out a Lollipop out of his pocket and place it on her hand. "Here you go, will you forgive this poor soul?"

"Well, this is okay I guess. Fine I'll forgive ya." With that said, she put the Lolli into her pocket and walked away.

And she just like always, wonder how she got her weird accent. He thought while continue walking to his class.

That girl is Urata Loli. Yes, her name describes her stature, she is the shortest and the smartest individual in the school. Zero's school mate. Despite her stature, she's 17 years old (just a few days younger than Zero). She likes reading and Lollipop, dislike being called short or a kid. Her ESP is summoning a big robot to fight for her.

Arriving outside his classroom, Zero checked his uniform again, making sure nothing wrong or missing.

*Door opened* "Good morning!" Zero said to the class.

"Oh, Zero. Good morning." a boy answered with a slight smile and posing like a cool guy.

"Handa, how's your trip to Charlie City?" Zero asked the 'cool' guy.

"Heh, you know. The usual, me getting surrounded by girls here and there. It's hard being cool and handsome at the same time. It almost like a sin." Handa answered with a flashy style.

"Well, whatever you are saying, dude." Zero answered after sitting on his chair.

"Hey, are you free tonight?" Handa asked with a low tone.

"I guess so, why?" Zero asked with curiosity.

"Let's do some-" before he could finish his line, Zero interrupted him by saying "No! For fuck sake, no! and that's final!".

"Tch, you're a pooper, you know that." Handa answered a bit annoyed.

This guy is Hotaro Handa, he is the school Idol or something because of his handsome face and good posture. He's 17 Years old (A month older than Zero). A lot of girl like him (Obviously), but none know that he is a Bi. He like girls normally but he also like Zero for some reason. He dislikes bullies. His ESP is summons and use Knight Armor as his battle attire.

The bell rang, notifying the first class will be started.

"Alright, go back to your seat." A female teacher, Noriko-sensei, walked in to the class. "Today we will do the check-up test. But before that, let's take the attendance."

That is Noriko Nori, our homeroom teacher, she always looks bored but don't let her appearance fool you. She can kill a Jusho barehanded. She's in her mid-20. Like Pocky and drinking beer, dislike being called aunty. Her ESP is unknown to most people, she has one but she never mentions it, not even in her record.

Noriko-sensei calls us one by one, until she called a name, "Eve" she said. "Here", with a soft voice she answered.

The 'Mysterious' girl is Eve, she almost never talked to anyone outside her family except the teachers, Zero, Dea, Nene and Loli. She's around 16 or 17 years old. She like fruits except for Durian. Her ESP is Clairvoyance.

After taking the attendance, everyone went to the testing ground. It's a place where we do the check-up, ESP check-up that is.

Although most people call it "Super Power" or "Quirk", the official name of it is ESP (Enchanted Strength and Prowess). It's a power that discovered 200 years ago after the great world war. Every single human in the world have one. Yes, everyone except for one individual, that is Zero (But most people call him a liar).

In the testing ground, there's a lot of students whom practice to control their power more efficiently. It's more like a training ground than a testing ground here.

"Alright, everyone sits at the waiting area. When your name is called, come to the testing zone and do the usual. Any question?" Noriko-sensei said with a bored look in her eye.

"Uh uh uh, how about me?" Zero said while raising his hand full of enthusiasm.

"As everyone know, you're the 'Abnormal'. So, sit there like a good little kid. Got it?" she replies.

"Ah, I thought I could fondle your breast or something…" Zero said with disappointment.

"You got some balls to talk like that to me, you wanna die before even creating a family?" she said with a seriously annoyed face and gritting her teeth.

"Eh, you want to create a family?! Well don't mind if I- " before he finished his sentence, Dea smack him with all her might. Leaving a steam mark on his head.

"You said more than you should, Zero – kun, humph" she said while pouting.

*Sigh* "Well, if no more question. Go to the waiting area until your name is called, understand?" Noriko-sensei said.

"Understood, ma'am!" everyone but Zero answered. They went to the waiting area, Zero was dragged by Handa. Zero still out cold with a swirl for his eye and his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

At the waiting area, there's a bunch of bench and table for student to wait, it's like a picnic area. Zero back on his feet again, a bit dizzy from the smack. "Dea, do you really have to hit that hard? I was joking you know." Zero said trying to apologize to Dea.

"Joke aside, that one is a serious topic. No matter what your excuses is, you are proposing to her." Dea said angrily.

"Ahahaha, *Inhale* sorry..." Zero said facing down with regret.

"Glad you understand" Dea said, still angry.

*Statics* "Uh, test test. Alright, class 1 – A, prepare yourself until you are called to the testing zone. That's all." the announcer said.

Well, it got nothing to do with me though. So, I'll just sit here and do nothing. Zero thought to himself, look bored.

The testing zone can be seen from the waiting area, it's a vast empty area to test the student's ESP and see if they have a full control of their power.

As usual, Dea's power is her brute strength, Eve's power is clairvoyance and Handa is his battle armor. Zero taking note of his close friend.

ESP is a power that enable a person to either create something out of nowhere, strengthen a person basic strength, control over something (like basic nature element and psychokinesis) or even telekinesis. It's more like magic than a super power, some family even has a stronger ESP power than the other and the Kirisaki with their so called 'Gate of Servant' is the strongest family currently known.

After done with their check-up, everyone went back to the waiting area.

"Alright, that's it for now. Everyone go back to-" before Noriko-sensei could finish her sentence, the security alarm went off.

*Alarm sound*

" Warning, warning. To all personnel. A group of Jusho has been sighted moving toward the south gate, I repeat, a group of Jusho has been sighted moving toward the south gate. All personnel are issued to man their post." This warning made everyone went to their designated post.

Jusho, a monster that was discovered 90 years ago, it said that this monster was an animal that undergo a mutation because of the radioactive that left after the great world war. They come from a variety of size, and some of them has the power to nullify ESP.

This is no game anymore. After thought of that, Zero ran toward the armory to get his equipment.

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