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Chapter 1 : The Beginning

January 1st, 20XX. The Third World War is happening, at a certain battlefield filled with explosions, bullets and dead bodies, a soldier clinging to his rifle as he cover from his enemies'.

"Damn it damn it DAMN IT! Why?! What did I do to deserve this?!" He cries as he cowering.

One of his fellow soldier run towards and sit next to him, "Get up and fight soldier! This battle hasn't end yet!"

"F*CK NO! I DON'T WANA DIE!" He close his eyes in fear.

His friend punch him in the face, causing the cowering soldier knocked down. He shout "GET A GRIP SOLDIER! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE, FIGHT!"

He stunned by his friend, he close his eyes and said to him self I can do it over and over again. "You're right, I –" as he open his eyes, he saw the very same guy impaled by a giant sword like object, and behind him a silhouette of a girl with long hair. After a while, he just realize the sword is the girl's left hand. The soldier's morale drop drastically as he watch his friend died slowly at the hand of a monstrosity.

She toss the impaled soldier aside and look down on him with menacing look.

The soldier felt the killing intent and tried to run, only to be beheaded by her.

She look around with an empty eyes and said, "Main Objective: Kill All Enemies." And proceed to look for more enemies to kill. A few hours later the battlefield was filled with corpses, she stood at the center of the corpse field and look at the sky saying "Main Objective Completed, Mission Success."

January 1st, 22XX. Over the past 200 years human has reap what they sow. Because of their action of destroying the nature, wildlife has evolve into a being almost alien-like and taken over the food chain. Human has been driven to the corner multiple times because their firearms isn't so effective against them anymore, most of them fell prey to beasts and they're lost of what to do.

However, one man doesn't gave up and lead a group of people to unify all the human to work together, the work paid off as almost all human they could've founded join their group, it grow from a small group into a community, then into a small village and finally after another 100 years become a city surrounded by walls to protect the weak one from wildlife attack. in August 17th 23XX, it became the city's birthday and the city is named Alpha, in the honor of the one man who unify all human.

January 3rd, in a small house at Alpha City residential area. Live a sole 16 years old boy all by himself named Zero, he has a short hair with his long bangs crooked to the left. Everyone in his neighborhood know him as a dependable and hardworking boy. He's kind and like to play with the neighbor kids at the park sometimes. Now, he's doing his daily jogging around the neighborhood.

Almost there... He approach his house as his jog almost finish, There. He said to himself as he done with the jog, he took a stopwatch from his pocket and look at it, That's a good time I got. Satisfied by his result he put the watch back in and went inside to have breakfast.

He look around inside the fridge and took out banana and milk carton put them on the dinner table, he proceed by peeling a banana and eat it while he drink the milk straight from its container. Done with his breakfast he went to have a shower, after that he dried himself and get dressed with just T-Shirt and long training pants. He went outside and look inside his mailbox and found some mails in the mailbox. He took all of it and went inside.

He put all the mail on a table and sit, he examine all the mails, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill and Water Bill. I just realize I have to pay the bill tomorrow. He left the mails for later and get dressed for school, he took his bag and walk toward the front door, he wear his shoes and walk outside, "I'm off" he said before locking the door and walk to school.

He walk alone from alley to alley until it leads him to the exit of residential area, he continue his walk toward a bus station and sit down, some other student wearing the same uniform gather at the station. Not long after a bus came and everyone hop in, Zero sit at the rear end alone. I felt like those anime MCs. he jokingly though. After 30 minutes the bus arrived at his destination, all of the students hop out of the bus and walk toward the school entrance.

Zero stop near the school gate and look at the school thinking Never though I would got accepted here. Then proceed to walk in.

The school Zero attend is Vermilion High School, the first school in Alpha City ever built. Only the talented and strong students can be accepted to enroll here. Built by the Vermilion family over 100 years ago and has produce some of the most talented people in Alpha City.

Zero's class is at the bottom floor, he walk through all the student chatting in the hallway, 1-A, 1-A, 1-A... Ah, here it is. he found his class and went inside, there's some students already forming a group of their own. Zero went toward the back left corner desk and put his bag down and sit. Just like those anime MCs.

Then a male student took the desk in front of him and sit down. He look back at Zero, "Hi, nice to meet you friend." he said with a smile. With a blonde short hair and handsome face, he look like a high school celebrity.

"But I don't even know your name, how can we be friend?" Zero retort to his greetings.

"Haha, true. Well let me introduce my self, the name is Kotaro Handa, you can call me Handa." he said while stretching his hand for a shake.

"Hi Handa, I'm Zero, call me Zero." he said shaking his hand.

"Just Zero huh, don't have a family name?"

"Let's just say I don't."

"Secretive~, I like that."

Without Zero's knowing, a girl sneak up behind him and cover his eyes. "Guess who~?" she asked playfully.

"Hmmm." Zero trying to guess who the mysterious girl is, then she rest her chest on top of his head, "Ah, it's Dea, Morioka Dea."

She release his eyes, "Ping pong, you're right." Zero's childhood friend, she has the body and face of a model, with long black hair down to her knee level tied by a small ribbon at the end.

"How did you know who she is not from her voice, but her chest?" Handa ask him with puzzling face.

"I'm familiar with her chest more than her voice."

"That's one weird way of recognizing someone." Handa can only sweat drop. "Are you two lovers?"

Zero expression didn't change while Dea move away a bit from Zero while her face turning red and fidgeting. Zero look back, "What's wrong? Toilet?"

"N-Nothing! I'm fine." she said while trying to cover her face.

I see... "Well let's keep it that way." Handa close the case.

Zero just give Handa a confuse expression while Dea trying to calm herself down.

Then a female teacher walk in with a pocky stick on her lip, she look young and has black ponytail hairstyle. She stand on the teacher podium, she eat the stick quickly. "Alright kids, congrats on able to enter the school, I'm your homeroom teacher and you'll be under my care for the whole semester. Nice to meet you."

Everyone bewildered by her bold way of entrance.

"Now let's start the homeroom, sit down on your chair."

As she said this, everyone sit down. She look around with a stern look, her expression went back to normal "Alright, at least I know your faces even thought most of you are side characters."

Everyone is confused of her statement and think the same thing, Is she referencing to something is what cross their mind.

"Well then, let's start from introducing yourself start from the front right."

How about introducing yourself first?! Everyone though at the same time, but no one dare to say it. Moving on with what she asked, the students start introducing them self.

After a while it's Dea turn, she stand up "Nice to meet you everyone, my name is Morioka Dea, I love cooking." All the boy are captivated by her beauty, closing her introduction she add "And I have someone I like. He's a bit dumb but a very nice person." Zero sneeze, Instantly all the boys got disappointed faces. then she sit down.

The introduction continues to Handa, he stands up. "Nice to meet you, fine ladies and gentlemen. My name is Kotaro Handa, it's my pleasure to be your acquaintance." He bow elegantly, making all the girls squeal while the boys look him with scornful eyes.

A nice way to get attention, pretty boy. Zero though.

Then next one is Zero, he stand up. "Hi, I'm Zero, nice to meet you." Then he sit down.

What kind of introduction was that?! Everyone's confused, Dea sweat drop and Handa face palming.

The next person is a girl next to Zero, she has long silver hair and her bangs covering half of her face, she look anxious, almost like she scared. She stand up shaking, "H-H-H-Hello... My name is Ev-" she bit her tongue.

Zero look at her face and instantly stand up while slamming his desk making everyone's attention went to Zero. He look up to the teacher's eyes with a serious look and ask her "Teacher! Can I ask for your name!?" with shouting voice.

"You don't need to shout, I can hear you. My name is Noriko Nori."

Zero walk to the front and stand next to Noriko, he kneel down and asked her with serious face "Teacher, will you be the one to make my breakfast everyday?!"

This make everyone shocked, especially Dea and Handa. Is he proposing her?! is what everyone though.

Noriko didn't express any emotion, then she smile to him. He stay with his serious face, and got uppercut-ed by her, launching him upward and got his head impaled to the ceiling. "Thanks, I'll think about it if you're still alive."

The girl next to Zero's desk giggle in secret and have calm down.

"Alright, let's continue." she said signaling for her to re-introduce herself.

She take a deep breath, and re-introduce her self "Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Eve Valentine, I'll be in your care." she give bow before siting down.

After the introduction all done, the class have a free class till lunch time for them to get acquaintance with each other. Zero already on his chair again, got a few bandage on his head and chin. He's getting a small punishment from Dea.

Dea has a scary expression on her face and anger vein on her forehead, "What was that for, Zero?! Do you prefer older women?!" She ask while pinching his cheek and stretching it.

Zero couldn't do anything. He look at Handa for help but he refuse his plead, he look back at Dea and said "I can explain."

She let go of him, his cheeks got swollen. "Then do it." She cross her arms waiting for explanation.

"I got carried away." Is all he say.

She gone back to pinch his cheek with even more force, "'I got carried away' my ass! This is your punishment!"

"Sowwy!" He said apologizing to her.

"E-Excuse me..." A girl voice can be heard behind Dea, she's the girl who sit next to Zero.

"Yes?" Dea let go of Zero, face her and change her attitude to friendly again.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I want to say my gratitude to him."

Dea step aside allowing her to stand in front of Zero, she bow with full gratitude to him. "Thank you, it's the first time someone other than my family stand up for me." She raise her head.

Zero just smile to her, "Now, whatever you are saying. I'm just doing what I want."

"Is that so..." she surprised by his answer.

He stand up, and put his hand in a frame gesture. "Hmm..."

"W-What is it?" she's confuse.

"You know... I think you'll look good if your hair is shorter, maybe a bob cut?"

"You think so?"

"Yes, I think so too." Dea give her opinion.

Handa just nod in agree.

"I'll try it..." she said shyly.

The four of them began to chat to get better acquainted with each other. And thus, Zero's life as an 'ordinary' high school student began.

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