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Chapter 6: You're my sister?!

Zero is standing on an entry way to his room while staring at a mysterious girl who's just called him 'Onii-chan', he was bewildered as to why this cute and beautiful girl called him her big brother, he never remembers having any sibling.

"Umm, you have the wrong person. I don't have a sibling since I'm an only child of my mother." He explained to her with an awkward expression.

"Yes, that is correct Onii-chan. But we have one in common; Our father."

Hearing this, his expression changes to serious as if the word 'Father' is a taboo to be said around him. "What's that asshole want?" With a deep voice of anger, he asked.

*giggle*, She put her right hand in front of her lip, to hide her smile. "That 'Asshole' want me to take care of you." She explains.

"Huh?!" He shocked by her reply, Why the fuck is that dumb ass sent his own daughter to take care of me, doesn't he know that I hate anything about him?! Is all he could think. "On what purpose did he want you to take care of me?!"

"Hmm, he said that he wants to deepen the bond between his child."

"Well, excuse me then! I'm no longer bearing the name of Kirisaki. So, I'm just Zero now." He said while walking to put his bag on his learning desk, then he sits on the chair.

"Is that so, he said you would said that. I can't believe he's right."

"Me and him is like two side of a same coin."

"Is that so?."


For a few moments, both of them stare at each other, locking eyes. But then a knock was heard from the front door.

*Knock Knock Knock*

"Zero-kun, I came bringing dinner." It was Dea's voice.

Zero got up from the chair with a pale face as he has seen a ghost. Shit this is bad! If Dea found me with another girl in a room without her permission, I'm as good as dead! Zero panicky thought as he tried to find a solution of how to hide his little sister. "What should I do?! What should I do?!"

"Onii-chan, what's the matter? Whose voice was that?" The little sister asked her panic brother with a confused face.

"Onii-chan? Wait a sec! Zero, whose voice was that?! Open the door!" Dea screaming and banging the door from outside his room.

Ah, crap! I have to fake this. "Uh, it was a recording of an idol I've been-" Before he finished, his little sister cut in. "Aww, Onii-chan. Am I that charming to you? ~" She said with blush on her face. One second later, the door busted open, revealing a dark figure with an aura of 'kill' and 'death' around her.

"Z E R O!" The figure said with a menacing voice.

"Can I write a will first?" He said trembling and with fear in his voice.

"DIE!" The black figure charge at Zero with full force.

"GYAAAHHHH!" Zero screamed as he got beaten to the pulp by Dea.

A few moments later.

Zero was lying on the floor, all beat up by Dea. It's a good thing that he has a little resistance toward her rage, so he survived the massacre, normal people would've died from her beating. She's sitting on his chair as she glares the girl who's sitting on the bed.

"So, who are you?" Dea said, opening a conversation.

"Ara, no need to be alarmed. I'm not here to steal your precious 'Husband'." She said teasing her.

Dea blushed as she heard the word 'Husband' and flailing her hand around. "Wh-who're you calling my 'Husband'?!"

Zero still out cold, so he didn't hear anything.

"Ara, that's a nice reaction. Well, enough with the teasing, my name is Kirisaki Ichi, the reason I'm here is to take care of my brother."

"You don't need to! I can take care of him myself."

"Is that so? Can you really handle his carnal desire?"

"Huh?" She got stunned from her statement.

"My father, our father told me that his sex drive is quite something you know." She teased her.

"Zero, Sex, DRIVEEEE." Then she proceeds to imagining how's his way of doing 'That'.

In Dea's imagination.

Dea was pushed down on the bed, looking all meek and weak while Zero unzipping his pants.

"Now, I shall take your virginity with my Mighty Javelin. Prepare yourself." He said with evil rapist face.

"Wait! I need to prepare my heart for this."

Zero leaning down toward her, "Prepare your heart?! What you need to prepare is your body!" and he shoved his hips.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH~" Dea moan as Zero insert his Mighty Javelin into her.

Turning back to reality.

Dea is drooling and blushing as she still imagining her first night, Zero's recovered from his unconsciousness and sit on the floor.

"Ugh, that was a hell of a beat up." He said while rubbing his head.

"Ara, Onii-chan, I thought you were dead for a second."

"Don't just kill someone like that." He looks at Dea's face, then back to his little sister. "What happen to her?" he asked while pointing at Dea.

"Who knows~" She answered playfully.

"*Sigh* Whatever, so, would you mind introducing yourself."

"As you wish, my dear Onii-chan."

Hearing this made Dea snap back to reality and the two of them look seriously at her.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Kirisaki Ichi, one of the heir of the Kirisaki family, I'm 12 Years old and I like my Onii-chan very much. I hate dogs and despise spicy food. And my ESP level is S."

S?! Dea was shocked by the fact that she is stronger than her, but Zero look calm.

"So, what is your objective to come here in the first place?" Zero asked her.

"As I told you, I came here to take care of you."

"Stop lying and tell me the truth already."

She sighed and look at him, "As expected of my Onii-chan, you're very perceptive. My real objective is to see you and confirm of your existence."

"Am I considered not exist in your family or something?!" He asked a bit curious.

"Well, there's no record of you or your name in the family." She answered him with a flat face.

"As I thought, they don't want me as one of the Kirisaki." He said knew this would happen.

"But, I found one album book at an empty room which was my aunt, your mother's room."

Hearing this make Zero twitch and he got curious. "What are you doing in there?" He asked her with confused face.

"I'm just curious of that room, it's always empty and no one dare to occupy it."

No one dare to occupy it? Why? Zero thought with curiosity.

"When I enter the room, it was clean as if someone lives there, and there's an album book sticking out from a book shelf. When I opened the book, there's a lot of picture of a woman and her child smiling happily. I got curious of who is this woman and child, so, I asked father about it. He said it was his late first wife and their child who is in the picture, he said he kept that room clean hoping for his son to come back and live with him again."

Hearing this made Zero felt guilty on his chest, he clenches his right hand and put it on his chest while looking down, trying to hold his tear. "But, the rest of the family doesn't want me to live there, they even don't recognize me as one of their own." He said while looking down.

"True, your mother's name was the only one that is written in the mural of the family, but, father always hope that one day, the rest of the family would accept you as the way you are."

"Heh, that won't happen." He raised his head and look at his sister's face. "That kind of story only happen in a children story book, there's no such thing as 'and they live happily ever after' in this world."

"True. But don't hate father please, it would only hurt him."

"I don't hate him, I despise him." He put a smile on his face.

Dea who's been quiet for a while, sobbing to the story. She tried her best to hold her tears, but it was to no avail, she started crying. Zero stand up and trying to comfort her. "There, there. No need to cry." Is all he could say to her.

"Well, my time is up, I will visit you again some other time, Onii-chan." A halo portal appears on her and slowly moving down and transporting her to another place, as she disappeared completely, the halo shrink and vanish, leaving the two alone in the room.

"Dea-chan, it's getting late, your mom would be worried." He said as he moves away from Dea.

"*Sniff* you're right, I need to go home, I left the dinner on the table." As she said that, she got out of the room and back to her home.

*Sigh* What a day, a lot happened, but the worst of all is that I felt regret for hating my father. *Sigh* "Whatever, I'll just eat dinner, brush my teeth and go straight to bed." And he did what he said.

Outside, on a rooftop, a mysterious figure with black cloak watching Zero since he got home. "That was smooth, I guess he has a bit of tolerance." After saying that he vanishes from there.

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