Here in my head, you'll see some pretty words.
Purple, red and indigo, splash light drops large as fruit.
Faces pail and wonderful, dance and shine with expressions changing as fast as the day.
Here in my head, my place,
You will be lost in word-life;
Words brought to existence through a trickling tap, tap, tap.
Like indoor rain from mind to finger to life.
Here in my head, words play as swords and smiles are deadly
For what you don't understand can hurt.
Enter here of your own free will, but warned.
Without care, you will never get out,
Trapped as you are, in the sticky web of my words.
Beautiful, yes, but deadly.
I will trap you here, to read, and remain as mine.
Each trick-some letter and quivering line,
Ends in a hook, sharpened with stories you can never let go.
Here in my head.
It is my world, and all who come here are mine to consume.