Damon's POV (until further notice):

"All teachers initiate lockdown" blared out of the PA system, "I aint paid enough fer' this" my math teacher grumbled as he reached under his desk and grabed a 12 gage, after the school attacks of 2028 all classroom's have an emergency firearm for exactly this reason, the cops all wear ability enhancement exoskeletons, and gun control is stricter than ever, thank god canada doesn't have second amendment rights. I was thinking about all of this when I realised that I was behind the door, ops, I was about to move when I heard "deploying breaching charge." I stood up ramrod straight just as the door blasted inwards, the teacher could not open fire with me where I was. The criminal, dressed in all black sans the silver exo, stepped through what used to be a door while holding what looked to be a concussion grenade, I lunged to grab it. surprising him was what saved me, I heard the pin pop out so I threw it as far away as I could and delivered a strike to the jaw knocking him out.

I woke with a sound between a loud yell and a strangled yelp, "nightmares?" asked the girl sitting across from me, she was a mess, we all were, living in worn out buildings tends to do that. "No" I replied "just memories" I replied, "oh god I feel like I slept for years, who are you again?" "jaden, and if it makes you feel any better it's still 2032." now my eyes finally decided to focus, "was your hair always black?" "no, I just found some dye in the middle of this hellhole." my brain took a minute to catch the sarcasm in that statement, "oh how I hate the process of waking up." I said groggily "your the only person I know who is this bad in the morning," "oh fuck off, I need a coffee ," "we have nnnnnn…" I looked at her with a compleatly dead stare "...nnnnone pleasedontshootthemesenger" "FUCK!" I put my fist through a wall before thinking back to my old teacher punching things hurts stupid there's a whole story behind that but I don't care because its a literal description of how I felt afterwards. I wrung my hand in pain, nothing was out of place or broken, everyone says I have a talent for punching stuff, I was in karate for nine years. "Punching things hurts stupid." "not now jaden, AHHHH FUCK ME" "I'll pass" I shamble out into the main room, once beautiful it too has fallen to age, holes in the walls, peeling paint, bloodstains from the zombified former occupants, you get the idea. I walk in to find jeff oiling a bike axle, "I take it you finally broke into the garage?" "shouda' got you to punch the door down, seriously I felt the impact from that." "at least the pain woke me up, any news on the zed's" what ever news he had must have been good as he discarded his bike and jumped up "I was hoping you'd ask that, come on" he dragged me out of the room by the arm.

A/N: this is the second thing I've ever written so please have mercy