Making amends

Felicity's POV:

It was probably divine intervention that saved the trailer. The ride back to base was uneventful. Upon reaching the base I lifted the steel shutters with one arm, and simultaneously got a low battery warning. "Your behind all this?" he sounded mildly annoyed, I was expecting him to take a swing at me, or at least start screaming his lungs out. "Believe me this isn't my idea" I plead, I don't need another enemy, I have enough of those, "then whose idea was it?" "MINE!" boomed the boss, I don't know his name so I call him 'boss', everyone does actually "come with me and we will talk, but your friend has to go." his word sounds final, he is six foot six, has arms the size of trees, and a glare that can stop anyone dead in their tracks. "If you want my help, jaden stays." my blood turned to ice in my veins, ONE person before damon back-talked the boss, he's dead now, grave said 'workplace accident' thats BS, everyone on base knows what actually happened, we don't talk about it.

Boss laughed, "you got spunk kid I'll give you that," his look turned serious "beat Felicity in a sparring match and your friend will stay," he turned to leave and stopped "what is this sensation?" Damon raised his fist and held it out, "let's have a good match" we touched fists and got I got into a fighting stance, I felt a strange sensation, beyond description. "What are you waitting for? Come at me." he said this despite standing straight up with no guards, "cocky bastard!" I lunged and threw a punch, I had neurostimulators implanted to increase my thinking speed and slow perception of time so I can track my motions with accuracy, so when Damon dodged to the outside of my strike, grabbed my arm, and threw me off course and into a wall, I was surprised. "I… how… I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!" the boss exclaimed. "Alright fess up Damon," I said as I picked myself up "do you have ultra instinct?" it was a joke question of course, "in the sense that I have learned to react without thinking and maximise efficiency and speed in my movements." unfortunately he seemed serious, no normal person should be able to do that, "let's see what that pseudo ultra instinct does against me now that I know your flaw" his interest peaked "nothing pseudo about it, and what flaw." I smirked "your speed is only as effective as the muscle driving your motion." he looked disappointed "your point?" "with my exo I have unlimited endurance, you don't" "so the power gage on your wrist mounted display is not actually red?" "that's irea- TWO PERCENT!?" I couldn't believe it, something was wrong, I taped the battery to display the power usage readout. The read out said: battery 1,2,3: 0.6666666666666667% and not charging, battery four: not present. "BATTERY FOUR NOT PRESENT?! WHERE IS IT THEN!?" damon held up a lithium power cell, "is this battery four?".

I was so mad I wasn't mad, that doesn't make sense to most people but I get mad easily over the stupidest things and then said anger undergoes exponential growth. "We still fighting?" Damon asked, "of course," I used the strafe module to move rapidly and just throw him up in the air and juggle him with punches before throwing a heavy punch to put him into the wall. "Get up from that!" Damon actually stands up, "GOD DAMN IT I WAS KIDDING!" I look closer, note his hunched posture, his slow breathing, and how he was holding his chest. "How are you standing, I damn near shattered your ribcage" I got an immediate reply "If I gained one thing in this hell hole it was godly pain tolerance" I walk up to him "let's fix that lack of pain." i punch for his head and he grabs my fist stopping me dead, I look at the power read out only to find a blank screen, my jaw drops.

Three minutes later

Ug, my head I sit up in my room, exo on the charging stand, all four power cells present. I recall the fight, hopefully the boss kept his word, Damon is smart and intuitive to the point where its kinda' scary, he stole one of the power cores out of my exo mid fight, I want to know how he did that. Someone knocks on my door, "come in", I don't know who I was expecting, not jaden "um… please don't kill me." I stared blankly as my mind was searching for any explanation as to why she thought I would kill her, then it hit me. "You got it wrong, I just get really passionate when fighting." I stand up and hold out my hand "we got off on the wrong foot, I'm Felicity." she shook my hand, she had a firm grip. "The boss told me everything, except his name." I laughed, and instantly regretted it, damn headache "nobody here knows his name, and I formally apologize for the kidnaping, I was just doing my job."

"Oh, before I forget," jaden pules a phone out of her pocket, "a scout recognised me on the CCTV and said to give this to you" I take the phone and press the right side button, the screen turns on and I try the fingerprint scanner, it works "holy crap, this is mine, I lost it in the explosion." I was overjoyed. "Only wish we had wifi here" jaden sounded disappointed. "We do actually, only 5ghz unfortunately. Not everything works with five g."

after that we had a short conversation, jaden called me a 'true saiyan warrior' when I listed all sorts of feats i've accomplished in my youth, (like kicking the ever living shit out of a third degree black belt with no training) and I told her to drop by next sunday to watch the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, she was shocked it was still in production, I was too when I found out, apparently only the western half of the world went to shit.

Two hours later

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" blared over the intercom, and punched through the wall of pure sound created by my totally-not-overkill music player (160 decibels is not that loud is it?). I mute my music, "sorry, had music playing." I was expecting boss to scream at me, instead he calmly asked: "how can you still hear anything?" "I lost my hearing when I was fourteen from shooting guns all the time without hearing protection, I had artificial eardrums installed, now I can literally hear a pin drop." I don't know what to expect, apparently he had nothing more to say so he moved on to what he originally called up to ask.

"Damon wants to see you, he's in the infirmary… I honestly have no idea how he stood back up after the beating you gave him, the amount of concentration needed to 'tune out the pain' as he told me would be ridiculous, his X-Rays had the doctors asking so many questions it was nut's, apparently his ribcage was only heavily fractured, he's fine now, just needs rest, but he does want to talk to you." the pa shot sparks as the fuse box on my wall blew yet another fuse. "... I think I should bring this up, or find out WHY I BLOW A FUSE EVERY FUCKING WEEK!"

I make my way to the infirmary and Damon was laying on a hospital bed staring at the ceiling. "What are you doing?" I ask, "trying to figure out what hurts more, my back or my ribs… so the doctor told me your name was felicity, no hard feelings right?" I burst out laughing, this guy is unbelievable, "I put you in that bed, I should be asking you that question. No, no hard feelings, I just get really passionate when sparing." Damon sat up and the doctors all started telling him, "lay down, you need rest." Damon waved them off, "I'll live, I want to see this place." I scoffed, "you can't even stand and your asking for a tour?" he set his feet on the floor and smiled, "who says I can't," he stood up.

Since he wasn't undergoing any form of surgery, Damon was wearing the same outfit he was earlier. I showed him around, saving the lounge for last because I knew everyone would want to talk to him, on our way to the lounge I asked him why he wanted a tour from me specifically, he said "I wanted the opportunity to get to know the real you, you know, when your not 'following orders'" "and?" "you seem nice." "and you seem intuitive" "oh my god, that's what people tell me all the time." we walked into the lounge, "hey guys! It's the guy who beat Felicity!" que sudden barrage of questions that was silenced by a loud yell, a tall man named Jeary stood up, he had arms the size of trees and a tough expression on his face "I studied your initial movements extensively, you reacted extremely quick, too quick actually, I want to know how." his tone left this weight in the air, he was intimidating and I almost pulled Damon out of the room to save him from doing something stupid, than Damon started talking. "I simply didn't think, I lucid dream on a regular basis so I am really in touch with my subconscious witch is whare instinct comes from, enabling me to react to a stimulus without thinking, and I know my body really well thanks to karate, and in karate I also learned how to push my body to its absolute limit." I swear I could hear the air moving it was so quiet.

After a extensive silence Jeary said "so a rudimentary form of ultra instinct?" "basically, you a dragon ball fan?" Jeary actually laughed "everyone here is." "oh no" "Damon whats wrong?" I asked, "I… I think…" he trailed off and fell, I caught him "someone help me get him to the infirmary

I still don't know what chapter lengh to shoot for, this feels right to me thou :)