Damon's POV:

I woke to searing head pains and a stiff neck. "What happened?" surprisingly, I got an answer, "you passed out from low blood sugar, when was the last time you had a decent meal?" I tried to remember but could not do so, "I honestly ca… why is there text in my face?" I saw what looked like a computer command line booting a bajillion things at once.

"Forgot to mention, we installed the Universal Wireless Neural Interface Compatibility System, and bionic eyes that: provide a context sensitive AR overlay, can toggle sight extending beyond the visible spectrum of light, see through basically anything that isnt lead, 40 times magnification, and with the help of a mental augment I installed, slow mo sight, it should be a great use to you". Normally I would object to having hardware installed in my head, but it was too late now, so I asked: "do I have means to browse the internet with this, shall we say, 'augmentation'" he burst out laughing "I haven't been asked that before, google chrome is installed and the wireless interface device doubles as a dual band wifi card." the text went away fucking finally "what os?" "linux fedora 26 with about a billion modifications made to it" (that OS actually exists for desktops sans mods, a good alternative to windows) "and that's not an exaggeration, it also has a ten gigahertz specialty design procedure, all tech used is ether custom, or heavily adapted" the technician looked happy that I seemed to understand.

Five minutes later

I was running down a hallway to try and clock my top speed with the speedometer function when I turned a corner at 53 KPH and someone clotheslined me. After crashing to the ground the message "impact detected" was displayed in the center of my vision I noticed, the man helped me to my feet, he was tall, and fucking ripped, I swear I'm the only guy here who doesn't have arms the size of trees. "désolé, c'est un réflexe. Felicity te cherche" I didn't even have time to ask if he spoke english before the translation popped up, "sorry, its a reflex. Felicity is looking for you" like watching anime with subs, neat "no problem man, I'm built to last" at the same time I said this a map of the complex popped up with a highlighted path to follow. No idea how this works, I figure it out eventually, or overload and completely fry my brain, one of the two.

Turns out the map was distracting, after walking into people half a dozen times I came to a heavy steel door. "High integrity, motors capable of moving ten tones, wired to handprint scanner." I read from my overlay, I looked left and saw a handprint scanner. The inherent fear was getting crushed in the event of a malfunction, but I disregarded the chance of that happening and place my hand on the scanner, the door opens vertically with a ten million decibel (give or take) screech. Inside Felicity stood in fighting stance against Jaden, they seemed oblivious the the bone shaking screeching sound the door made as it closed, the loud ass bang got the pairs attention. "I was getting worried you'd got lost." Felicity seemed full of life, it was refreshing. "I couldn't get lost if I tried BECAUSE THIS FUCKING MAP WON'T GO AWAY!" the instant the words left my mouth the map vanished, "is this voice command based or something" I asked, "it's thought based, and speaking is a thought process" that gave me the information needed to figure this out. Jayden spoke up, "can you two elaborate a little? cuase' I am more confused than a homeless person on house arrest" I was about to when Felicity spoke up "no time, it was all spent waiting for slowpoke over here, speaking of whom, we have a problem and you need training, I think we can kill two stones with one bird." I considered correcting her before she continued "we will have zombies swarming this place in twenty minutes or so, and you need to get used to your exo suit." I connected the dots "when do I start?" "open your PDA. Jaden, find something else to do, you can't be in here since it connects to the hanger bay" she left in a huff, I sarcastically asked "oh so I just press Tab? Or E, too bad I don't have a keyboard" "you'll figure it out, when you do just consult the exo and mech startup guide, in the meantime follow me."

I did figure it out, the startup guide says "when piloting a mech for the first time it is normal to feel a sense of limitless power, most operators undergo weeks of training to combat this phenomenon, you will have to make do with self discipline" that's all, real helpful, I am almost certainly going to die.

?'s POV:

When a planet explodes their is a blinding flash of light, almost like a firework, it was beautiful, and it was one planet's worth of intelligent creatures removed from the universe, meaning it's also productive. The air in front of me condensed into a large rectangular screen. A shadow of a man was visabale, he asked in a raspy voice: "why is the earth still in one piece, I asked you to take care of the human problem some time ago!" "they are putting up a significant fight against the infected my lord" the guy on screen facepalmed, "how about you BLOW IT THE FUCK UP!" "first of all, I like the scenery, second, it is ridiculously far away and the transporters can't transport a ship." screen guy screamed "blow it up or I'll kill you so hard you'll die to death" the transmision ended their so I got up and walked to the ship controls.

Before anyone asks the 'kill you so hard you'll die to death' is not a joke, for this character who'll be properly introduced later on dying to death is a legitimate way to die and it is incredibly terrifying and is the worst possible way to die

Also I don't have an upload schedule