My Zacknerr (Z-Ack-Nerr) bounced with the rough waters. The smell of Zackealt was strong and the wind was rough. However Zacknerrs are built for the rough waters. Only a fool tries to trade with the Zackettlements (Z-Ack-Ett-Le-Ments) around the treacherous Zackodge (Z-Ack-Od-Ge) Sea. Despite that I'm a one man captain. With sixteen year saling experience. Finally a break straight ahead was a lighthouse. Make one final push I docked at the Zackettlement of Zacherblod (Z-Ach-Er-Blod). A Zacampire Zackettlement.

The Zacampire Zackock (Z-Ack-Ock) Zachministrator (Z-Ach-Mini-Str-Ator) look at me like she'd seen a ghost. I bowed and gave my name and said I wanted to trade. She nodded and motion a couple workers to inspect my goods. One of the workers licked his lips holding up a bottle of Zackvratt (Z-Ach-Vr-Att) Zachblod. I then showed my permit to sell Zachblod she examined it carefully.

Seeing it was not a forged permit she bowed and motioned me to the trade office. The workers unload my crates of Zachblod carefully. I went inside the office building. It was classic Zacampire design a mix of regal and derelict decoration. Fine painting mixed with cobwebs around them. "You must be the dumbest or ambitious Zachary I've ever seen" The office clerk laugh exposing his fangs. My arrival spread quickly even the Zackayor (Z-Ack-A-Yor) wanted to see me.

Finally the Zackayor arrived she was a looker for a Zacampire. Long jet black hair and golden eyes. Yes you may thinks it weird outlanders called it Zackincest but we could care less. We did small talk I said I was from the Zacktouthern (Z-Ack-Tou-Th-Ern) Kingdom. Hearing about the wealth of the place around the Zackodge Sea and wanted to make a fortune selling my wares.

We talked a price seven hundred Zackollars (Z-Ack-Oll-Ars) for ten crates of Zachblod. I walked in the Zackub (Z-Ack-Ub). I received a standing ovation from the locals. The Zackub was called the Zachblodsucker. The Zackub keeper thanked me even saying she'd never even heard of some of the Zachblods. Despite being courted by some of the Zacampire maidens I payed for a room.

The next day I walked out of my room. My ship was still Zackocked and in fine condition despite yesterday's dangerous storm. Everything was calm the locals were doing their day to day live mind you wearing cloaks to cover themselves from the light. The Zackayor said she had a job for me. I was to deliver twenty crates of Zackisern (Z-Ack-Is-Ern) to a Zackettlement called Zacktun. As the smiths were running low on it. The crates already had the Zacherblod seal along with a writ and letter showing that the Zackayor gave me permission to transport the goods. "Showtime" I chuckled as I waved goodbye ready to make a my fortune.