I promised to protect you

Yet I can't even protect myself

All the feelings going through

My heart, my soul, myself

I never wished to hurt you

I never wanted this

But your reason for your actions

Was through your selflessness

You, the woman, saved the man

The man who never deserved you

I was wrong to perceive you weak

I was wrong to perceive you small

But if I could take back all my mistakes

I'd take back them all

I saw the pain in your eyes

The dull light growing dim

I knew he won the battles

But the war, you did win

You fought against the monster

The monster that hid the man

I wanted to be stronger

To rid the monster, show I can

All my efforts, to my disdain

Were all proven to be in vain

You fought until you could no more

I love you for that, you're all I adore