"Sleep is the best medicine"

I don't find it as that but rather a release

I prefer it over death

I don't want my heart to cease

The weight of the day weighs on my shoulders

Going upstairs, my feet, I trudge

The many arguments had today

Are not easily swept under the rug

His words reitering loud and clear

"We're through" was the only thing I heard

The rest of the day passed by slowly

Despite most of it being an incoherent blur

I collapse on the bed, my sheets smelling like him

Tears in my eyes as I bury my head

I could feel him around me still

The anger grows and all I see is red

I'm alone once again

Like the many frequent nights

I want to go back

Before all the fights

The pillow held to my chest

His love I shall forever keep

I don't wish to rest

But fall into an endless sleep