86, 87, 88 . "I can't hear you, young lady".

(louder) 89, 90, 91. Here I feel like I'm dying, and he cares about how loud I count my squats. But I'm not gonna give up. He has to train me. I will not let him win.

138,139.. one urgh forty. "Are you tired? that's it? You can't even do a hundred squats? what were you thinking when you went to talk to Col James?"

(gaining a little power, voice louder) 141, 142.

flashback in my brain- "Dad you can leave me at home, I'm safe! ". "No dear jane, you don't know. I can't leave you alone at home, it's just too risky. Don't worry, the military academy is lot safer. I've told them to take care of you like an officer. It's just 4 months. I'll be back from my foriegn posting and we all will get back to our family home". "You leave me no options Dad! "

Next day at KMA stood a smart big man in front of me.. "Good morning Ms Jane Stuart. I'm Colonel James. I guess Colonel Stuart has boarded his flight." "Yes uncle. May I please know where my room is and the vehicle I'm getting for travelling in this city?"

"You are not here for a trip (the heaviest male voice I've ever hear,d came from one corner of that room)"

"And may I know who are you Mr.?"

I could see his eyes red, flaring from anger, looking at me and Col James alternatively as if he's waiting for his permission to kill me. With a walking stick he was leaning on, there wasn't much he could do, but just look at me.

"He's Major Wills. He'll be accompanying you whenever you go out of this academy."

"Not for your tours miss!"

I got startled with that sudden burst of anger. He sounds like he hates me for years, and I've seen him for the first time in my life!

"Will! mind yourself". "I'm sorry sir.

"Look Jane, because of your safety reasons, you will have a limited access to areas outside this academy"

"You can't be serious?"

"Yes Jane, I am. This is a military academy. it's not a place for... you know... non soldiers. Colonel stuart is my good friend, and he asked me very politely so I accepted his request to keep you safe here. But there are a few rules that you have to follow while living here. Don't worry it won't be difficult, just a little restricted."

I could have never been angrier at Dad than at this very moment. How could he do this to me? Anyways. Just a matter of 4 months, and I'll be out. It's ok, I can survive.

"Alright uncle James. I got it. Can I please go see my room now?"

"Sure. Wills will take you." Dude, not this killer please.

"Follow me" He said in his Killer accent. As soon as we left uncle James's room, he turned around, looked dead into my eyes and said "You are a disgust to this academy. Don't think you are here to enjoy. Just stay in your room for next 4 months, and don't be seen roaming around, specially in training areas. Finish your stupid vacations and leave this place."

Okay. what is his problem? I've barely met him, and he's behaving as if I've done some crime.

"Look Major Wills. I never wanted to come here. Dad left me with no other option so here I am ! I'll be happier to leave, thank you." Before I even finished, he had started limping and left me where were.

Finding my room was not easy. Everyone looked at me from top to bottom before answering my question as to where my room is.

I threw my bag on the bed. 'You are a disgust'. It just won't stop ringing in my ears. How dare he.

I needed some fresh air. I came out to walk outside my room. There balcony was a better place. I could feel cool breeze on my face. But those angry eyes and hateful voice were unforgettable.

"Are you Jane stuart?" I saw his uniform. Major Nick. "yes, why you have problem in me being here, too? " His little laugh made my mood a little lighter. "Seems like you've met Wills already"

"Met? I just saved my life. That man wants to kill me or what?"

"Hahah, can't blame you completely. He's an extreme. Every single soul in this academy is afraid of him, even me. The only person who can control him is col James. Recently he came back alive from an impossible mission, seriously injured with multiple fractures. Only he could have done it, no one has been trained so vigorously for 3 years, that he is unbeatable by anyone but col himself. He can't tolerate that somebody gets more than what he or she has earned, just because their father is an officer himself."

"I see, that's why he literally hates me. But he said a few things which I can't let go simply"

"I understand. He's worst, when he's angry. He can do nothing about you coming and staying here which makes him even more frustrated. I'll suggest you to stay away from him as far as possible."

"Nick! Where are you goddamit?" As soon as he heard Maj Wills calling him, his expression changed and he ran to him without even saying a bye.

That Killer guy must be something.

But he called me a disgust. No one has ever called me useless before. What does he think of himself? Hrs just a Major. My dad's a Colonel. How dare he treat me like this. I'll make sure he regrets his act. But what to do. How to prove my worth at a place like this.

next morning with uncle james: "uncle, I want to learn martial arts. I will be living here for 4 months, and I don't want to be a disgust to this place. moreover one should learn the best from the places they visit. Is there anyone who can teach me?"

His face was expressionless. He looked surprised for a moment, buy composed himself in a moment. Well that was obvious. Two hours ago, even I couldn't believe myself saying this statement.

Just then enters Maj Killer. A firm salute with a feet thump, strong enough to break the floor, despite him dependent on that stick, impressive.

"At ease Wills, sit. Jane wants to learn martial arts while her stay here at the academy. I am happy she got motivated here. There's no one in the academy as talented as you are Wills. You'll teach her?"

I looked at uncle James like he's talking in some language I don't understand. I couldn't believe my ears. This Killer? He hates looking at me. He will never train me.

But I almost fainted after his reply.

"if you permit, I need to know her threshold for training under me, sir." Is he actually ready to do that? But hey, threshold? Now what is that supposed to mean?

"You people can discuss the plan yourselves. Jane if you are ok, he can start your training. I must say he'll be the best teacher you can ever get."

"Erm.. sure uncle."

Outside Colonel James's room. "Meet me in the gym in 8 minutes in decent training clothes, young lady. Let's see what guts you've got."

With that order in his heavy voice, he turned back n walked towards the gym.


"yes miss? after 148, comes 149." this brought me back to reality. But oh no.

Oh god oh god.. (and I fell while I was getting up from my 149th squat).