Who's this man. Nobody wants me to live peacefully here.
"Who's that?"
"Jane it's me, Nick. Get up"
"Let me die here. Go away"
"C'mon woman open the door. I know you're dead tired, but u gotta have some food, or you'll kill yourself. Now get up!"
I gathered some strength , got up and opened the door. Nick was there. Another guy holding a covered bowl, entered my room, kept it on my bedside table and left without looking here and there. I was hungry, and that was the truth. I tried to turn back n tripped. Nick saved me just in time.
"He wants to kill me. If he comes to know that you are saving and feeding me, he might kill you too."
" Ahahah. No he can't kill me even he wants to. He's my brother."
I choked on my own breath while he said that with utter pride.
How? That emotionless man! He's a killer. This man's a keeper. How is it even possible?
"Yes, it sounds impossible. Just look at your face." He was laughing while looking at me.

Eat your food miss. You gotta stay alive to face the big guy!"
He makes the mood so light. While Major Killer makes everything tense.
"How can you be brothers? You guys are so different!"
"Well... Yeah. We are slightly different. You find it impossible to believe because you only deal with him. The boys don't find much difference, since we screw them almost equally. Though their souls are afraid of him more than me." Another laugh.
"Well, poor guys. That Killer is enough to destroy lives single handedly. Being a girl if he's behaving like this with me, I wonder what he does to the boys."
"Don't have false impressions Jane. He doesn't know gender when it comes to training. He'll screw all equally. He hasn't started your real training yet. Once he does, you'll realise how wrong you were."
"What are you saying. What is this, if not real training What worse can he do than today? Well, may be he can."
It's better not to think about tomorrow and spoil this food. I swallowed the first bite and felt like a zombie. It only took 2 minutes to empty the bowl. He saw me hogging with occasional laugh.
"Poor girl. I told you to stay away from him. You didn't listen to me."
I looked at him, opened my mouth to argue, but couldn't say anything. I had nothing to say.

"Do you really want to learn something, or is it a revenge you want for that insult? Tell me the truth. May be I can help you."
"I don't know. It started with anger, it still is. But deep down I think he can teach me. It will be a good thing to learn if he keeps aside the plan of killing me."
"Look I'll give you a few more days to understand your feelings. If you're still doing it just to prove something, I can go talk to Col James to stop him because you'll die if this goes on. But. If you really want to learn, I'll explain what is going wrong in your training. Think about it."
He stood up and started walking out. Then he turned back and said " By the way, you are supposed to have all 3 meals. If he knows you're skipping any one, God save you. And I can't send food to your room everyday. I don't want any punishment. So go to the mess and eat your food on time. Okay?"
"Ya ok. Thanks for this though."
He smiled and left.
I was still thinking what he meant by "real training". But my brain and eyes were starting to shut down. I decided to think about it later and take rest now.

I woke up from the dead. Looked at the time. Oh god, I only have 10 minutes to get ready. You can still make it Jane. Hurry up.
But it seemed impossible. My cramps won't allow me to move even a single step. How am I supposed to do all that I did yesterday with all these cramps? I'll certainly die today.
I landed at the ground just in time. He was there. Shit no stretching. This is going to be the worst day of my life.
He blew a whistle and pointed towards the ground. I gathered all the courage I had and started running, knowing that's what he instructed me to do.
He made me run 3 rounds again. Same way. I think he was planning to go for the 4th but decided to kill me slowly by other means. He was really torturing me. He knew how to hurt the already paining muscles and he made me do just that. I could feel every single fibre of my body tearing apart.
He let me go have my meals. That was the only time I realised I was a human.

Finally the end came. But one series of pain was remaining. We both knew. He was waiting for me to start the pushups.
I looked at him with half closed eyes and absolutely zero strength. Will he?
"I will die. Please."
"I don't want to hear anything other than the counts." That clear heavy voice.

No he won't.
I can't explain in words how painful those pushups were. Everytime I pulled myself up I remembered the whole scene. How I got myself into this, and how he's making me pay for it. Damn 50 pushups are getting more painful with each day passing.
"Next time you skip any meal, be ready to face the consequences"
And he left. Shit, how did he know about it.
It was too tempting to go straight to my room and let my bed consume me. But the dangerous warning had me going straight to the mess and then to my room.
Bed felt so good. Nothing can be better.

It's the alarm! Damn.
When I was rushing to reach the ground, having sure shot scope for stretching, I saw Nick. All sweaty. He was breathless while we crossed paths at the boundary of the ground.
"So early? How much did you run?"
Twelve rounds? Impressive. I'd be dead had I run 12. But I saw him only today.
"Started a new routine today?"
"No. I was... Nothing. You carry on." It was obvious he stopped himself from saying something.
"What is it?"
"This was his punishment" There he is. Killer. But what Punishment?
"He knew better than pampering my students."
Wait a minute. Was that because of me?
I whispered "That dinner?" Nick just nodded.
He was breathing hard. My goodness, this man is crazy. He punished his own brother!
Nick got up and went close to Killer. "Sorry Wills. But.." "Nick don't ask for another set."
Nick raised his hands as if accepting his defeat. He started walking away. After he crossed Killer, he turned back and saw me. I couldn't believe my eyes, he was laughing. How can it be so casual to get a punishment from your own brother, of the same rank as yours, that too for such a stupid reason.
These people are mad. All are mad.