A single tear ran down the side of the child's cheek, as she cowered underneath the small bed. She rested on her stomach, clutching the flashlight with a strong grasp, for she believed that the light would prevent the beast from coming towards her. The beam shined from underneath the pink bed and onto an ajar closet door. Slowly moving the flashlight around the room, it shone on a child's toy chest, the main door, a desk, and other things that scattered the young girl's room. Before she was under the bed, the little child was terrified, for she had heard something rustle in the closet. When she ran for the door, however, it wouldn't move, as if it were barricaded from the other side. Screaming, the little girl dove under the bed, grabbing the flashlight on her way.


A door swung open, hitting the wall beside. Startled by the noise, the child jumped, bumping her head on the wooden boards on the bed. Scrambling to turn off the flashlight, the child knocked the torch, sending it to roll from underneath the bed. Trying to suppress a scream, the child covered her mouth with both of her hands. A large, scaly hand reached out from the closet. Six fingers with six long claws scraped across the bottom of the wooden floor, leaving long streaks. Another one of these hands emerged from the closet door. The little child whimpered, trying to keep herself from crying. She crawled as far back under the bed as she could to get away from the closet doors. Two blood red eyes emerged from the consuming darkness. They looked as if they stared right at her, but they soon turned to look around the room.


Toys, clothes, and boxes fell from the closet, crashing onto the floor. The sudden sound made the little girl cry silently. Two large, scaly feet came from within the closet. The feet were angled downwards, for the creature put all the support on the front of the foot, specifically the toes. With a growl, the feet moved across the room. The feet shuffled throughout the room, looking as if they were searching for something… or someone. At the thought of this, tears streamed down the child's face as she kept trying to keep quiet. The beastly thing lowered itself so it was looking under the bed. Staring right at the little girl, it smiled. Its razor-sharp teeth widened to a toothy grin. The young child could make out some features from the creature's face. It had a long snout and two beaming red eyes. Its wolflike ears sat atop its head, as the its face tilted slightly. The child cried and screamed loudly, begging for her mother.


The creature reached its clawed hand to the child. Scrambling to the opposite side of the bed, she emerged from underneath the structure. The beast stared at her, head still tilted. It rose to seven feet from the floor, covered from head to toe in a thick black. It growled towards the young girl as it took a step forward, arms outreached. The little girl ran as far as she could, but she soon backed herself in a corner. The beast took slow steps to her, but the girl couldn't move from the corner. She was crying, head in arms, as she realized her life would come to an end. The creature stretched a long arm, grasping her tightly. A tentacle-like appendage emerged from the creature. It wrapped itself around the child's leg and dragged her into the consuming darkness of the closet. The child let one last scream emerge from her lips, and many tears ran down the side of her face.


The next morning, the child's mother entered the young girl's room to find her sitting in the closet of the room - dead.