You hide yourself
Timid in your every action your moves are false
But not lies
Never lies

I cry at night sometimes
Because I feel like I should, but I don't know
Maybe I shouldn't
Is crying a lie?

We think, we joke
We don't cry, not in front of each other, never
We don't show our masks, we show truth
Is there truth?

They don't know us, not really
It's good they don't, because if they did
They wouldn't understand
Not like you do

It's easy to make fun of things that are sincere, but harder to make fun of things which are not
Every time I try to be myself I am shot down, so I hide myself behind a mask of faked smiles and suppressed tears
Except with you, with you I am sincere
With you I take off the mask

You don't exist.
And perhaps that's for the best