For the longest time, perceived as a joke

Playing hide-and-seek

Hiding inside an invisible cloak

I wish for just one peak

A law passed

Yet an unspoken boundary

Hope crashed

Wishing to sleep soundly

My parents don't give me support

My friends make a mockery

I have just one last resort

I have more luck at winning the lottery

I go to him, my heart beating quickly

My mouth grows dry, his eyes falling upon me

I'm the jock, always confident, but now I speak meakly

"This weekend, are you free?"

He nods and immediately becomes eager

I feel my hands grow shaky

I become even more meager

I feel that I may go crazy

My breath catches in my throat and I suddenly become small

He places a hand on my shoulder, asking if I'm alright

I nod quickly, just about to fall

My fingers wrap around his shirt, holding on with all my might

I lean in, thanking God for the empty halls

My lips claims his as mine

I didn't hear his strangled call

Yet I felt our fingers intertwine

"What about your girlfriend?" He pulls away, breathless

"Fake," I respond, a smile upon my lips

"So... You're?" He begins, obviously hesitant

I nod, pressing his hand to my heart as it skips

No words are needed as his own smile appears

My love making its way out of the abyss

His hand squeezing mine, erasing my fears

My happiness is sealed with just one kiss