There was once a boy, living in his own world.
The world was filled with colors. The boy realised that whatever he did, the world changes to fit his mood,his actions, or whatever he did not understood.

As time passed, the world slowly turned into black. Perhaps as a reaction to his action, his feelings, or whatever he could not understand.
Sometimes, the world introduced new people. People that interacted with the boy. Positive, negative, anything could and would happen. Over time, the world cracked. The boy was hurt. He was curious. Why did it seem the world he was in, seem to reject him. For every new color added, it slowly turned to black, and slowly cracking the world.

One day, the boy realised an angel had appeared in the world. Wherever the angel went, the world reacted to it and added color to the dull, plain world. The boy was overjoyed. Excited by the colors that had disappeared once, he set out on a journey with the angel to restore the world. However, the angel disappeared instantly, and bringing death to the world that had not recovered. The world reflected the boy's heart, who turned black and cracked, not understanding the intention of the angel.

A long time later, alone in the dark cracked world, the boy noticed another angel, one very different angel. The angel was doing her best without rest, to ensure the boy could live in a complete world, in a complete selection of colors. Without fail, without demands, the angel did whatever she could to make sure the boy would not suffer anymore. The boy was grateful, and thinking the second angel was different with the first angel. Will it be wise to have trust, he often ask. Did the angel pity him, or wanted to help him, he often think. Can he be saved, or is he a lost cause, he often ponders.

The world was colored, and patched back, after much hard work. The boy was elated. The world he desired for, the heart he missed so much. Everything had returned to the status quo. Nothing bad could have happened right, he pondered.

Perhaps the angel was angered. Perhaps the angel was tired. Perhaps the angel had other people to save. Perhaps perhaps perhaps. The boy though everything would retain. He was wrong. The world shattered into dust, void of all color. The boy understood and realised. That was the of the world. Nothing could be done. The world could not be repaired anymore. The boy heart, reflecting the state of the world, shattered, and could not been seen anymore. The boy realised he could not talk to anyone else. No angels could come anymore. His life was over, he could not talk to anyone anymore. No angels could be viewed anymore.

This was the story of the boy, who could not be saved anymore, and could only wait for the end of his life, his world.