I looked up into the starry night,

At the moon shining bright,

Soaring higher than a kite,

'Tis a magnificent sight!

Its glow sets the forest alight,

With its blue-white,

Florescent light;

It seems to ignite

The foliage white.

Its gentle, comforting light,

Makes darkness flee in fright.

Its legions of stars shining bright,

Overcome the hordes of darkest night.

Its glow encourages and invites,

To the utmost delight,

The playful, lively sprites,

Who love to dance throughout the night.

I cling to my thick cloak very tight,

And I try with all my meager might,

Not to shiver excitedly from the sight.

As I stay in my hiding place overnight,

Grandmother's tales and stories I recite

To myself, each word true and right.

For she told me of the beautiful sprites,

Who danced on this very site!

They weren't mischievous, nor evil, nor did they slight,

Nor did they prank or curse humans out of spite,

As I heard from those whose morals weren't upright,

Nor were they mythical fairies with the gift of flight.

But were coy, friendly creatures who knew wrong from right,

Creatures of the misty dawn and magical twilight,

Nymphs of the silver moonlight.

I hear the wolves howling at midnight,

When the moon was at its greatest height.

The coming of the wild dogs gave them fright,

And disrupted their sacred rite.

They disappeared, those faeries, out of sight,

As out came the wisps and the wights.

I knew I must leave forthright,

To flee the scene, out of sight.

I got on my horse and held the reins tight,

My steed knowing instinctively of my plight.

Low was the moon, late was the night —

In three hours will come morning light.

The thrill of the race gives me delight,

To race time and the moonlight,

To reach the castle before sun's light.

No need for my Da and Mum to fret with fright,

No need for them to send their knights;

I'll be safe in bed before the end of night,

With a new adventure for me to write.

They will see in morn's dawn their little twite,

Looking disheveled and quite a sight!

After scolding me for going off on my own at night,

They will hug me tight, relieved that I'm alright.

Now the day is done, the moon is glowing bright,

I'll take me to bed and to you all I bid thee goodnight.

A.N.: This is a rhyming poem. This had been one of my schoolwork assignments once upon a time. Just fixed it up and made it look better. It's a poem where the end of every sentence has to rhyme with the others. Every. Single. One. If you like this kind of poetic device, try it out and have fun with it. If you'd like me to do more of this kind of poetry, just let me know.

A twite is a Eurasian moorland finch related to the linnet, having streaky brown plumage and a pink rump. A kite is a bird of prey similar to the hawk, falcon, eagle, and other birds of prey.

How'd I do? If you have any suggestions, questions, or constructive criticism or encouragement, either PM me or send me a review.

I hope you have a blessed week! God bless.

- Caleb