Hello, all you new people, you probably don't know me, I'm Kelly Walter, a new writer.

I'm here to dazzle you with a tale about a girl, that saves the earth, the difference is she has a tiger tail.

Besides that, no other magical powers, but she has plenty of costumes, weapons, and she's mighty clever.

This story takes place in the western time with cowgirls, cowboys, horses, and sheriffs.

In the western time, everything is calm, people regularly running bars. Sheriff watching the town, crooks trying to take the sheriff down, but can't.

It was normal, except in a house of a girl with long golden brown hair, wearing a red dress, with cowgirl boots, she's cleaning her house.

Nobody really knows her age all they know, is her parents went through a tragic accident, so she's been living alone, since she doesn't have friends or family, but she is friends with the sheriff.

Her name is May, she's creative, fun, and doesn't go on many adventures.

She's also 13-year-old, her birthday just passed, and that's it.

Anyway, to the story, she is singing and cleaning, when she see a bright green light.

"That's weird, I don't remember seeing any clouds, wait there isn't", said Kay.

May ducked, which is when the bright light is shown as lightning or more of a power blast from a spaceship.

"That's weird, I don't remember supernatural beings going after me, and I don't remember offending anyone", May noticed.

The sheriff was drinking, when he saw the ship, and got his team out there, and started to attack the ship.

With bullets, and lasers going back and forth May's house is destroyed, which makes her angry.

With the feeling of rage inside her she gets in between the guns and lasers, and yells, "Stop".

That's when the men stop shooting and so did the ship, with angry inside of her, but starting to calm, she looks at the ship and says, "unidentified flying saucer, could your commander please come down and explain why he's shooting lasers at me",

Everybody was shocked at what just happened, but who weren't was the aliens, which is five.

Insides the spaceship, the commander with blond hair, red skin, green uniform, and shoes smiles from hearing this from May.

The commander nods at the technician of the group, a lady with yellow skin, black hair, blue uniform, and shoes, to open the door.

The fighter of the ship, an alien guy with strong muscles, with brown hair, blue skin, wearing a yellow uniform, and shoes, then puts away the lasers.

The look out of the ship, the alien girl with pink/yellow skin with orange hair, wearing brown uniform, and shoes, sees that the humans aren't attacking and put their weapons away.

Last, the scientist of the group, the alien boy with purple hair, green skin, wearing red, blue and green uniform, and shoes, puts an english translator on the commander, that looks like a necklace.

With little patience, May backs up to see the commander come out the spaceship, bow to Kay, and May does the same, and then he starts to explain himself.

"I am Commander X49, of station Laqua. I am here to find the human named Kay Valentine to bring her a gift", said the commander.

"I'm her, and before I accept or see the present I must ask, why in tarnation did you just blow up my house", said May.

"Our humble apologies, we did not mean for your house to become rubble, we can rebuild it", apologized the commander, seeing the damage.

The commander gives a signal to the technician, and she fixes it, with the vacuum in the ship, and creates a duplicate with no flaws, the house looks the shape.

The commander turns May around and showed her the duplicate house, looking at it, she smiles.

Still feeling angry she moves the alien commander's hands away from her shoulder.

"Thank you, now about this present. Sheriff", said May, while waving to the sherfsh to come by her side.

The spaceship's arm gives May a wrapped box, she slows opens it, and every one hold out their guns at it.

To see it is a ring, glowing orange, which makes her suspicious.

Before she touches it, she asks,"what does it do", and waits for an answer.

The commander walks forward and explains that gives the person or species whoever wears the power over what ever that person wants.

"Okay, I'll give it a try", said May, nervously, but calm.

May with everybody staring even the alien, she puts the ring on and it causes a swirling vortex to appear.

With May inside the vortex, her hair turns into a ponytail, a white tiger tail appears, her clothes turn into a white dress with black stripes, and heels, and last a tiara to match.

May lands on the ground, but before anybody can do anything, May opens her eyes and grabs the alien commander by his uniform.

May with anger and confusion in her eyes, while holding to the alien's uniform, asks"what did you do to me".

The alien commander with a straight face, grabs a mirror, that the alien scientist gives him and shows her reflection.

Looking at the mirror, she sees she's become a freak, and started to crush the alien's bones.

"I would reconsider on violence, please this transformation is harm less", said the alien commander, choking.

"You turned me into a freak, explain alien commander, now", responded May.

"It's quite obvious, the rings gives you what ever power you wanted, and it seems you wanted the power if an White tiger, and a hidden one", answered The alien commander.

"Why pick me to have the ring, I'm not letting you, leave alive without any explanation ?", asked May, with her heels on the alien's face.

"Fine. A century ago, which is like one minute here, the great guardians of prophecies, came to me and ask to bring the hero of our universe. The problem was our hero already presented himself, so the guardian tells us to check sector root 8 a.k.a. Earth. The scanner shows that you out of all the people of the universe is suppose to save the timeline", said The alien commander.

With a straight face May helps the alien commander up, and apologies, but still doesn't fully trust him.

"I'm sorry, we got on the wrong foot, you were given these powers to save the world", said the alien commander.

At that moment, a black hole mixed with a wormhole, and a nuclear star, which appears as a cloud in the sky, that gives a strong amount of dark energy, that hits May.

"May!" yelled the sheriff concerned, with the alien commander runs to her aid, and seeing the energy coming back.

May quickly gets the sheriff and the alien commander away from it, but it sucks them into it, and they land in a tower.

"Where in tarnation are we?" asked The sheriff.

"I don't know", answered The alien commander.

To be continued