Memories are powerful things; vicious and terrible, they underpin the history of this world. Their nature to warp and change sends great eddies down the generations of man, the power to deceive and destroy used like a well honed tool by witches, and the knowledge that comes with them the most priced possession of the elves. Yet, most know very little of their power.
For man, the imperfect vessels that they are, memories leak from them like water from a sopping sponge. They leave their memories like a bright comet's tail to slick their past and the places they have been with vivid experiences an emotions. The nature of the man that leaves them will too be left in the slick of memories, to impress upon the minds that follow. On many occasions the very fabric of buildings, monuments and temples have become so saturated with the memories of the people that live or prey there, they become almost living themselves.
The begin ravening the soft minds of those of who enter unaware, and leaching from them, imperceptibly draining them of their very thoughts and in return, filling them with the sour and rotten memories held in the walls. Corruption from the very building, inescapable and irreversible.
The leakage of man's memories make them both vulnerable and powerful beings. Their memories can be stolen with ease, influenced and corrupted, ravaged by the likes of the witches and the Deathraken. But a strong mind with astringent thoughts can resist the muddying and meddling of others, and even hold sway over those that might seek to control them.

The Witches are an odd race, with power seeded in their knowledge and the ability to pass a lifetime of memories to their offspring. Unlike man, they hold on to their memories, safely corralled in their strong minds and are immune to having their thoughts tampered with by external means, the Deathraken unable to beguile and tempt them. Witches use their mastery over memories to bewitch the minds of others, an art that works especially well on humans. Witches are able to draw forth recollections of any kind from their own mind and the mind of their victim, enticing them to fabricate images, sounds and smells, creating realms of terror or joy as is the witches will. But for the one she bewitches, the fabrications will seem real as life it's self.