In a plain beige room. Where a teen about one ninety in height with snow white skin, messy, crimson, spiky hair and pure red eyes. Along his head and eyes were disproportionately large, while his feet were disproportionately small. He had grey mechanical arms with a spring green liquid flowing through each one. Along with three scars on his head with one next to each of his large ears and one above his eyes which have pupils rounder than spheres. He wore a deep blue hoodie, olive green shorts and yellow and orange trainers with black spots. This room had two windows, an endless void of trees in what seemed to be his garden and the other was covered with an amazingly convincing poster of what seems to be a technologically advanced metropolis with a skyscraper made of some unknown material in the middle of the poster. The boy was recording himself as he said.

"Hey, guys it's the Genius Maniac here. With an IQ of over 500 we are going to do the 10 mil special." He said cheerily with a smile where his curved knife-esque canines were the most notable feature on his face.

"I know you are all wondering what's it going to be this time. I mean I got this thing." He picked up a plaque with a crystalline appearance similar to that of diamond with a cartoon pipe which looks similar to that of a certain video game."But what machine has The Genius Maniac himself built for this special occasion? Well, this baby is my personal favourite the velociraptor mech. Capable of going up to 30 miles an hour and is made of…"

An oddly brown meteor flew right past the left window and shook the whole room once. Where the camera bounced once but was caught in an instant by the odd-looking teen.

"Hey, I'll see you all later. On the next part after I check out this meteor." (Few lucky that meteor was flying so low. Otherwise, people might have found out that poster in front of the window is fake and start stalking me again. Because my mind is finally awake at this early time of day) He shivered intensely but groggily at the thought as he uploaded the video to the wide web. He stood up and walked to the sprouting growing on the ledge of his windowsill.

"Don't worry I'll be back" The boy softly said to the plant as he stroked one of the growing leaves. He briskly ran down the stairs to his basement, which had a heavy, secure door made of some unknown grey alloy.

"Eye check complete and brain check complete." The machine said as the door opened.

"It's been ages since I've been down here but this one of the days I need to check up and do things"(Plus is this house made for dwarves. Because I'll never get used to crouching down the stairs.) The odd teen said and thought as he walked into his lab. Which was a dark room with two giant cupboards of equipment and resources which had turned two tall tables. With the one on the left had a gas tap connected up to a slow-burning bunsen burner which was boiling a solution which was glowing royal blue with a tube which had glass beads in it which lead to another flask which had impure water in it. While the one on the right had a pestle and mortar and two more beakers to the brim with this glowing substance. While there was a shelf which had five potted plants each with a plant glowing the exact same colour as the solution. Each plant was through a different stage of its life with the leftmost one being just a stem, the one right of it was about to bloom its first flower, the one right of that had two flowers which were in about to bloom. This trend of doubling in flowers just about to bloom increased until the rightmost plant which had eight flowers which were about to bloom. So he watered them and gave each one nutrient packets he made himself which seemed to be more than effective. While what was right in front of him was a robotic velociraptor with full depth controls and armour looking more technologically developed than what was on the poster.

"It's so complete my perfection. I had to make it before today but here it is if I never come back." He left the room knowing that everything would sustain itself.(I don't want the military on my tail. Because I'm sick of science departments, labs, research facilities and universities offering me to join their hopeless, controversial and paradoxical cause.) He continued walking obviously irritated at the thought but as he heard the lab door close itself and he strapped a smile to face as he walked out of his house.

Outside the Genius Maniac's house. There were an array of colourful buildings down the street where the overly brown meteor cracked open to reveal a…slate blue cow just over 150 in height with lime green rings spread across its body, with two bone grey horns pointing outward. Its eyes had pale dark blue sclera, with translucent purple iris with no pupil in its right eye while its left eye had a strawberry coloured pupil. It also had light cyan chicken legs which sparkled brighter than any gem with black lines forming a cross pattern down the legs.

"Now that I'm here. Time to show off my skills."(Okay this place looks. Oh no, this planet has life on it. I hope it's very weak.)

The Genius Maniac slowly stepped toward to this odd, alien, creature of sorts with his hood up and his hands in his pockets. Until he was about a few hundred metres away.

"Good morning my alien buddy, how are you on this beautiful day? I forgot to introduce myself I'm Issac Skale age fifteen born on may twenty-first in the year two thousand. You are?"He said politely and calmly as he took his hood off to reveal his face, with his plastered grin.

"I'm Buffy me Buff Buff. Glad to show courtesy I'm seventy of your earth years. Which is very young for our odd species. But I have had a good day, so you gonna show me a tour?" The alien replied with a polite but alien deep tone in perfect English. Suspiciously enough.

"I would but right now this planet really isn't even a type one civilisation yet so. As you can expect pretty uncivilised toward anything off this planet. We haven't even set a foot on any other planet yet, so I guess that's it."(What parent would name their child Buffy me damn Buff Buff. For goodness sake aliens.) He said in a jolly and warm welcoming tone. But his tone changed at a flip of a switch.

"So what exactly are you doing here?" Isaac's words created a silent atmosphere, as his eyes which were outlined with black stared silently at the soul of this alien. Waiting for an answer as time slowed down.

"I'm part of a military that fights without technology or advancements but one that fights with raw power. I'm here to show off my skills to prove that I'm up for the job. I don't have to do any killing or any of that if you are worried about that." The alien said with seriousness and a motionless tone clearly ready for anything.

"Great but stupid name though if you see where I am coming from. So are you ready to spar? Because making allies is a great step that you should be rewarded for."Isaac said with his usual cheeky voice and tone and a plastered smile that showed of his oddly shaped canines. Still with his hands in his pockets.

"Okay, that's where I draw the line. You do not insult the name of an alien. Just because they are alien. Right now I have a power of seventy which my superiors will rank me up for if I succeed."The bovine alien spoke loud and clearly ready to impress and angry enough to scare a stampede. He blasted a scream which was incredibly loud as his body got more muscular and veins popped out as his body puffed out. Then he screamed…

"MUSCLE POWER 20%!"The sight was intimidating especially how much the chicken legs beefed up with a much bulkier appearance.

"Ah, I'm so scared."The red-haired boy said sarcastically with a big gasp.(That's pretty impressive if you ask me.)

"In my opinion with an ability as impressive as that I think you should be promoted. If that's exclusive to you, how much does this increase your power by if you don't mind me asking."

"It's an ability I've discovered recently but otherwise this doubles my power."The alien stated clearly proud of this ability

"Sorry about the name thing. It is just ridiculous sounding is all. But twenty percent doubling your power that's impressive. So one-hundred and forty, I've got no idea how this power system works but that sounds relatively high for a low ranking. But being the strongest doesn't the equal best, remember correlation isn't causation."Issac said impressed by the form standing in front of him.

The bull started charge which looked and sounded very off. Where the hooves heavily collided with the floor. Contrasting with the hooves were with the faint sound of scratching and the appearance swift and softly stomped as the bull accelerated.

Isaac stared nonchalantly and far too unimpressed despite the situation. He reflexively changed his expression to one that was scared and he said with believable fear.

"Look behind you."

These words made the alien bull look behind while it still charged ahead at full speed. The bull saw nothing behind or ahead of it.

"He got me…"The bull said with irritation as he was interrupted and seemed to be levitating off the ground.

"I sure did."The red-haired boy said with his typical grin. As he lifted the bull upward while displaying some effort mainly for show. As he tensed his upper body widened and his lower half grew more muscular and massive to try and accommodate for the amount of weight he was lifting.

"You must have a power of at least two-hundred. Plus you are lifting slightly over a tonne." The alien cow said shocked by being this high in the air.

"Like I said I have no idea how that compares but that sounds decent. Oh well fair to take a guess how this battle is going to end."

The bulls face changed to a scared expression expecting for what's to come. Issac reeled his arms back a reasonable distance as he threw the alien into the asphalt road with all of its weight causing some damage to the road below echoing a breaking sound of a loud slam. Just as the sun rose up for their to be a normal blue sky.

"I think I might have overdone this but meh. It was definitely worth it."(Oh damn, I need to have my sugar. But seriously why would aliens invade England of all places I mean we have a royal family. But Brexits a thing and May I don't need to say anything else. Strong and stable.) The teen inhaled and exhaled heavily as he grabbed a small jar of sugar out of his pocket and downed in an instant like it was a liquid. He tapped the rest of the jar to empty as much sugar as he could. He put the empty jar back into his pocket.

The bull disappeared to find there was a small dark green sphere in its place.

"WHERE DID IT…! I won't even ask because I just defeated a talking cow with green rings and chicken legs" He raised his hands up as his grin changed to a frown which still revealed his teeth.

"Damn the act. I expected way more from an intelligent cow part of some sort of military and definitely not on the history channel. Well, my life choices have, lead me nowhere. Plus what in tarnation is that sphere." He crouched down and examined it to see there was nothing there.

"The only trace of the alien. It's either a machine core of some sort. Or a nucleus of some kind. Which are both very advanced but maybe even a combination? Best procedure would be to leave it in an airtight space. Sounds like a day after some experiments." As he finished his sentence he stuck his grin back on his face like glue.

In an unknown room with a person wearing an orange pair of pyjamas and pink slippers with light skin and deep dark blue hair and unnaturally matching deep dark blue eyes. With one foot up on a chair in the wooden room. With a cupboard with a potted flower on man seemed to be slightly shorter than Issac and much older holding a small recording camera on the tip of his finger. Recording the scene out of his window. He had eyes reminiscent to that of amphibians and his head proportions weren't as exaggerated.

(What have you done? Well first off you were fighting an alien in public. We are not only in deep trouble. We are going to gain many enemies and reveal what should be kept hidden. Just because of your insatiable lust and curiosity for combat. Did he seriously get tattoos? They look terrible) The man thought to himself as he kept his stoic and blank expression as his thoughts terrified and angered him.

"HEY DIPSTICK WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE RECORDING!"The boy shouted loudly without much effort, as he found and recognised the man that was recording him.

The blue-haired boy ran down the stairs not bothering to change his clothing he opened his house.

(How do I deal with this problem.) The man thought to himself.

"Hey bro. What up." He said as he tried to not show any intimidation. He said in a banterous, friendly tone with an incredibly strong French accent, but fluent in English.

"Heaven."(Prepare for the living daylight to go back an hour.)The boy said with a monotone seriousness with his hands in his pockets with the front of his face covered in black lines that spread across his face which resembled lightning bolt patterns.