The elven capital of Treles was built on a standing stone. The city was built tall, jagged points reaching to the sky. A bridge connected the city to the land.

Two guards held a struggling young elf between them as they walked across the bridge.

"Let me go! I don't want to see him!"

"The king has ordered it. So, if I was you, I would hold my tongue."

The elf growled. "Just remember who you're talking to, scum."

The guard swung, hitting him across the face. He collapsed, armor clanging. It had clanged louder when he had been thrown to a ground by a human teenager. "He ordered me to do that. Next time, I'm going to break something."

The trio finally made it to the door of the palace. It opened to a large hallway, a dwarf of an elf standing there. "Good to see you back, Prince Tristan." he said.

They walked down the hallway to enter the throne room. Tristan was shoved to the floor, the guards moving back.

Three people were on a dias, one seated on a throne. On one side was an elf woman, dressed in a feminine copy of his own armor. She smirked at him as he growled at her. On the other, was a tall elf in his middle ages. He too wore armor. Both of them had stones embedded in their neck armor, like Tristan.

The throned one was the king. He was dressed in white robes, his talisman hanging around his neck. A simple white mask hid his face from view.

"So, it appears that my son has failed me again."

Tristan frowned. "I haven't failed. Understand, Father, that these things take time."

"You've had plenty of time. What you need is the aid of experience." He nodded to the male at his left hand. "Virem will join you to make sure the job gets done."

"No. I can do this on my own." He aimed a glare at his sister when she snickered.

"He'll help you."

"I work alone. You know that."

The king cocked his head. "Why do you resist? You asked me to lend you more support."

Tristan growled. "I need more foot soldiers, not a chaperone!"

"Virem fights with the strength of ten soldiers. He will serve you well."

"You trust him more than you trust me."


"Why do you think that is?" Tristan growled and stalked from the room. The three watched him leave, before the king glanced at the female. "Leave us."

"Yes Father."

She left, still snickering. When Princess Anlyth left, the king looked to his left. "Do we have the children's location?"

"Not yet sire. But the hunt has begun."

"I'm honestly not surprised that you got beat."

Tristan paused. Another growl escaped him. "If you don't to loose any teeth, Anlyth, I suggest you shut up."

The princess only laughed. "Beat! By a child who had never wielded a Stone before-"

Grey energy shot out at her. Anlyth dodged it with a smirk, her own talisman lighting up in purple. The two siblings glared at each other before Tristan turned off his power. He turned and walked away. Behind him, he could hear his sister chuckle before walking away.

He stopped in front of the doors to the royal library. Opening them, Tristan looked around at the massive shelves. A fire roared in a fireplace, armchairs arranged in front of it. This room was the only welcoming place in the palace. In front of the fire, a elf child read in an armchair.

He walked up and tapped her shoulder. The young girl looked up and gasped in happy surprise. In a moment, she was throwing her arms around his shoulders. "Brother!"

"Hello Piper." Tristan said, absently tugging at the edge of the leather cap she wore. "I'm back."

"What was she like?"

He sat down, considering his words. Fae Turner was...hard to describe.

"They have no idea what they're dealing with."