Feather woke up in softness. She sat up, looking around. She had been lying in a soft bed, dressed in a vintage nightgown. Her talisman laid dormant around her neck. She got out of bed and walked out of the room.

She entered a large kitchen. Familiar blonde hair was working at the stove.


Edith turned. "Fae."

The nickname made her move. Mother and daughter embraced, the warm sunlight coming from a nearby window lightening them up. "If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up."

"I'm not a dream sweetie. You're awake, and we're going home."

Feather shook her head. "No. Only you and Lowell are leaving. I have to stay."

"Then we'll won't leave until we all can."

"Mom, you don't understand -"

"Home is where you two are."

"Fae!" She turned to see Lowell run up. He hugged the two. "You're awake!" Feather maneuvered to hug him. They released, her looking around.

"Where is everybody?"

"Terran's in the engine room. Reynard and Rosa are in the library." He looked around. "And Piper's... somewhere."

"Who's Piper?"

He shrugged. "Long story."

Edith looked around. "So this is our new home." She chuckled, struggling her daughter's hair. "Well, it's not what I imagined, but it'll do."

The family of three walked to an open window. The wind outside ruffles Feather's hair as they watched the forest outside.

Tristan watched the house. His cheek sting from a cut, but he ignored it, keeping his eye on the open window. And the girl with fire hair standing at that window.

Piper was safe for a little while.

He followed the house.

Talisman: Clouds will be out in August