You look the most beautiful when you're fresh out of the shower.

Now I don't mean the gentle, pale, snowy slopes of your body from your breasts to you waist to your hips.

I'm not talking about the nakedness that society views as sexual.

I'm saying you look the most beautiful when you lean over the sink to look at your face in the mirror;

your eyes, sparkling with mischief in knowing you fooled another man into believing you were born with golden eyelids and ungodly long eyelashes; your cheeks, shining with a rosy glow from the warm comfort of the womb water of your shower head;

your skin, clear of all the expectations and preconceived ideas of you are meant to be and so open with all your secrets pouring out through your pores;

your hair, slick and wet and free of the greasiness of life that seeps in your mind through your scalp, killing individual thought cells in order to keep you in check so you don't outpace them all;

your lips, smiling and grinning in a soft sleepy haze, pleasantly drowsy from speaking your mind in all ways you can, because if you won't, no one will.

It's all these things that make me realize that you are most beautiful when you are wet, warm, and fresh out of the shower.