I never knew what serendipitous meant before I met you

I had always loved the word

Five syllables, 13 letters

It is a mouthful but not a heavy one

Like a gulp of air or cool sweet water

The way it falls off the tongue


The word sounds so freeing

So joyful

You could almost see the word soar in the clouds

Weaving and dipping

Like a newly freed bird singing victorious and joyful melodies of its emancipation

Now, serendipitous doesn't truly mean those things

Serendipitous: adjective, occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way

The word still works though

When I met you it certainly was a discovery my chance in a happy or beneficial way

But you also made me feel like how the word serendipitous makes me feel




And that

To me

Is what mattered

Not the definition

But how serendipitous made me feel

And I think that defines us pretty well